Love Poems - Page 5

Stupid Little Love Poem

Around sixth grade, when my friends went through the boy phase
I promised myself I’d never write a love poem.
Or a love song.

But your crooked little smile
And the question-mark curve of your dimple
Kept asking me questions of life at all the wrong times
Like, the middle of class:

“How can you hate and love someone
at the same time?”

I should have known better.
Sixth grade resolutions rarely withstand
The test of time.
So this is me recognizing a fight already lost.

This is to you and your infuriating manner of
Making me laugh when I’m mad at you,
Of pinning me with a serious gaze and caring at the moments
When you shouldn’t care at all. This is to your
Dark eyes and messy hair, the way you make me want to
Strangle you and hug you at the same time, but never admit
I love you, because I know that somewhere there’s a girl waiting on you
And she isn’t me.

I’d never be that stupid. That was another thing
I said when I was thirteen. In seventh grade. Do you remember at all?
We used to talk about your girlfriend, and I remember wishing
That somebody would care that much about me.

This is for all the times we played basketball on the blacktop,
For the times we walked next to each other, arm to arm, shoulder brushing shoulder,
Side by side, but never hand in hand.
For the way our eyes have met on occasion and for a second
I’ve been weak and let myself pretend.

This is for all the missed moments and the almosts,
The could’ve-been’s and why nots
And I’m writing this because of your stupid smile
And your stupid burning eyes, and your stupid dimple that flashes
At all the right moments. I bet you time it, don’t you? Practice in your mirror.
Even though I call you cocky and arrogant and egotistical
You’re adorable and infuriating and annoying
And unattainable. Not because you’re out of my league, but because
We’re not even on the same field. Because we’ve always been
On the same side.
And I’m writing this because I’m hoping that somehow
My thoughts of you will leak out of me and onto paper
And stay there, where you won’t bother me every waking moment
And won’t follow me in my dreams.

Here’s your stupid little love poem.

Love Merchant

Killer with eyes brown, marches alone in white gown,
Inner beauty makes dame extra fine.
Lips locked and stylish walk and her eyes down,
Rays are adding beauty, hairs a shine.
Every eye focused on, why the beauty”s walking alone,
Dame turns a rue, and no she’s gone.
Many named one love merchant and got love’s warrant.
Enigmatic smile, takes million hearts a time,
Luckily got chance to talk, was bind in locks of relations.
Was banned to love, and yes to her ‘mine’.
Was in hurry to die, wanted to dig her own grave.
Fake are relations, can’t live like slave.
She had got tired fighting with all various situations,
Wished her not to give life’s explanations.
After this sad departure, I got an only conclusion.
Yes, man changes with passage of time,
Outer happiness comes unreal, when inside’s torn by time.

I Love You

I love you
With your rugged look and curly hair
You did cause my heart to beat
I am thankful to your parents
For bringing up a fine person
I love you
We were never out of touch
with one another
I remember the many-many hours
We stay connected on the phone
We called each other
every morning we call it
The wake-up call and
talk all night long
Our phone bills were always high
That made a stronger bond
in our relationship
We appreciate and respect
One another more
We do argue a lot and acknowledge
That there will always be
differences between us
We have grown together over the years
We have conversations that
are meaningful
We seek each other opinion
and listen more
To what is being said
We joke and make fun of one another
I love you
You are my best friend
Who was there at each stage of my life and who.I hope.
Still be around in many more phases of my life.

About Love

It is so strange to read about love…
A lot of words, one better other one…
But saying words is not for love enough,
It lives in our hearts and is the sun.
It can be sweet and real when we feel
Like one hand take another in the dark.
It can be awful when it makes us ill,
We are unhappy crying in the park.
It can be holly when we look at God,
In our prayers thank for everything.
It can be sleepy, shy and noisy, but
It goes away when we of tears think…
It can leave us when we believe in tears,
We shut our mind from other lonely heart,
We live alone and stay under the fears,
Just sit and wait for day another start…
But if we love we should not be afraid
Of being close to happiness in us,
Because by Angels everything were made
To make us troubles with the trusty pass…
It is so strange to read about love,
Because the feelings cannot be described.
And saying words is not for love enough…
Without love we live but we are died

I Am Your Angel

Please talk to me when sadness full your heart,
Please call me when somebody hurts you down,
When you are upset, even crying start,
When put on black and fearful, awful gown.
Please ask my help when your dreams will be broken,
When you decide to go another way.
Remember me, the words that have been spoken,
I can you warm, I always say “Please, stay!”
I always stop before you`ll do a foul,
I`ll give my hand to keep your mind for you.
I am your Angel and your happy soul…
I`ll send you words that I have ever knew.
I never let you be forever lonely,
I never push you if you go on blade.
I`ll help you fly when you are falling slowly,
When to be saved is really too late.
I`ll help to run away from evil`s thought,
I`ll give you love and kindness of my heart.
I`ll be your friend like God my soul taught,
I live for you and am your spirit part.

Mould Me In Your Arms Again

Truly I am no different from the other.
But you shaped me like a porter;
You raised my eyes to yours in the night of mood;
Though the day was crude;
For only a saint might have conquered that hour,
The hour of a woman’s power…
That it might come to past,
So we glued our tongues to last.
But what profit has it brought?
We have actually been lost.
But lost is it? Lost in lust?
Infatuation governs my thought?
Alas woman, you graced my existence with your elegance
And thou only brighten the night of my heart with your remembrance.
That which is not of passing away but of craving and perspiration;
Height of yours I know is an elevation,
Which you have above all; beauty like more of goddess,
I know you own like powers like a priestess,
Offering prayers in the holy closet;
You offer my body in congenial prayers; according to our precept.
You are the moon that is closed in my heart;
Shining ov’r the shadows of earth***
Love is the answer; that made me a better man;
And this I learnt at your heart step; its fate’s plan.

This you prepared in the darkest hour of your heart;
That, which I talk, is the kind expression talk of your heart.
For in the past have I asked;
That will she be there? So love had me masked***
That I thought, positivity will be the result;
But negative print stood on my injury like a salt.
Like an orphan, you raised the dust of fear from my body.
You became a soul in my body to make a whole somebody.
Like a sweet lullaby, so are the rhythms of our memories;
Our sole hours of silence have got many purposes.
Those reasons I cannot depict;
But I have no words of deceit.
Sooth me oh lady like once forever;
Be a love soothsayer; that I may continue to be clever.
You , the bravest of all lights
Surviving heart plights;
Never afraid of the night, I learnt you are.
Every second and promise is for what you are and not who you are.
When the storm arose against me; you faced it like it were for us,
You championed me through like a warrior’s horse.
When the tears rise up; I will hold on all night for you.
And the promises I made; sticks with you.
You make up the factions of my dream;
And so I know you as a soul cream.
Go on!
Once more, you had my cloth of sorrow and fear, torn.

One Stranger Your’s Will Be…

Talking to a stranger is strange,
One’s goodness can make you change…
Thing needed one should be loyal,
That loyal can make your soul royal…
One will leave an impression bright,
With one from inside you’ll feel light…
Bad will change to see the love pure,
Don’t worry you’ll see the one for sure…
Will come really, to make you see,
Stand truly, in your arms one will be…

Silent Saying

When for a while you talked not,
In the sea of sadness ‘n tears I got lost.
I waited long, watched your face,
You were just busy doing my love’s trace.
Not for a moment you turned to me,
Crying heart saying, have smiling look at me.
entire World will be dark without you,
but to see your turn, my thoughts down grew.
You held my hand again, said nothing,
That day I found, your silence saying everything.

Finding Everything

I was lost inside with no way out
but then I saw your face

A light comes on inside my chest
and starts my heart to race

As I stare across and watch the way
you interact with others

It makes me think I’m a lucky guy
to have you as my lover

If you can deal with the worse of me
then you learn about the best of me

I know I’m not easy to put up with
but I will always be yours if you can tough it

Your hair, your face, your skin, your soul
You by my side make me feel whole

Your beauty, passion your quirky ways
and a smile that shines so bright

It only now that I understand,
it is you who makes me right

Someone For Me

As I gaze at the space in front of me,
I ask myself, how it could be?
How long shall I search for the one
whom I could always look upon?

There are times when I want to give up
With a thought that this has been laid on my life’s map
My heart kept yelling it just isn’t fair!
How could you let me go on in despair?

You owe it all to me that is what it say
Give it a try for LOVE will find a way

I truly hope that at this point there is
Someone for me amidst this abyss

Could it be you, who is reading this?
Why not let me know right away if you please?