Love Poems - Page 24

Is It Over?

I hate the way I feel right now
No secured words to expect
From someone I thought
Misses me the way I do to him.

His presence is elusive to my mind
That seems to be hanging something
The question of his real existence
To my vivid dreams then and again.

I believed and still assuming
Of the magic once I had with him
But does formality and aloofness
Signal the end of it all now?

Poor heart to await for an intense
And passionate care from him
Now that his heart’s preoccupied with
A love showered not by me.

Please don’t overwhelm me
With your sweet voices and gestures
If in the end, I will cry again
For you’ll renounce seeing me only.

Alphabet of LOVE

Reaching out for someone whom I can talk to
About the man I love who just break my heart.
Looking through the virtual friend in net;
Place you some offline messages that says;
“Hear me please, for I have something to say”.

When you replied and we have some talk
I felt that you’re a friend so dear to whom I can walk.
Looking forward as each day passes by;
Leaving you tags, comments and messages everyday,
In my own simple way to say “Thank you my friend”.
And then oh so suddenly, I felt something different.
May this could be the start of something new than just a love for a friend?

Not knowing that you always care for me for so long,
On the day you told me, you’ve loved me all along;
Love me so sweetly and promised to marry me!
Let my heart beats faster and thought this isn’t real.
And then you told me, “WE, OUR Dreams will be fulfilled for REAL”.
Now, this time I’m sure, it’s a dream-come-true to start with the “Alphabet of LOVE” we both knew…


Many times I’ve told myself not to feel this way again.
And yet I guess, the magic comes from within.
Right from the very start of the end;
In my sorrowful days and nights,
Out there in the dark you showed me the light.
Just then you remind me, how wonderful life really is…
On that very moment I realize,
How foolish I was before…
No one else could dry these tears from my eyes but you.

Let me then share with you my dreams
And open up my whole heart and soul.
Never… please never try to say goodbye for I will die.
Divulge your LOVE for me sincerely;
Imply it so gently and sweetly,
Cause me to FALL IN LOVE completely.
Honestly, I say unto you –
Offering my TRUST, FAITH and LOYALTY is my way of saying…I LOVE YOU…

Imaginative Love

Just let me hide in you
With secrecy of my love
Let me hold on to you
By breeding in your warmth.

In soft subtle feelings,
I touch you. Breathe life,
on dead embers to wild fire.
Off we burn ourselves.

In soft petal of hearts
We sleep dreaming.
By silky touch we fondle,
our ecstatic emotions.

in silence of night we see,
our fond thoughts glow.
observe our souls chat.
numb sweet expressions.

Eye to eye face to face,
We explore our passion.
In cover of darkness,
We scale our fantasy.

We fondle each other,
Untouched n’ unsung,
embrace into images,
wake up in each other’s cells.

Let me stream in your dream.
On surfing shores, we sleep.
Divine dew consecrate our souls,
while we exchange sensual kisses.


You are like an ocean, variety
of harden stones fall in you.
Your face is like an open book,
every flip of page works like a
charm, and flourish with every glance.

Stones are hard to move, yet
it’s possible when you stare
we may kilter.
Your every tender touch refreshes
our soul_ Encore if we can…..

My Husband

I couldn’t find a word
To express how much I love you
Cause in my heart and mind
I am overwhelmed by your love.

You’re not a perfect lover
Always has bad moods I hate
A snob man like you
An irksome to a woman like me.

You believe you stand out in everything
But for me you’re just big headed
Don’t wait for my opinions
Rather assumed to be very good.

I abhor some of your ideas
It irritates me a lot
Your words are better than mine
As if you are the best of all.

But what makes me stay long
In this up and down love affair
Is your honesty and loyalty
To your promises on our love.

I may not be the woman
With the most beautiful face
But you always assure me
I possess the beauty no one has.

Your kiss and hug everyday
Brings comfort to my loneliness
Never a dull moment
When you speak of love.

I am always pleased
With your endearing words
Coupled with genuine actions
Of how much you really love me.

May our love last forever
Even if it takes longer
How I wish it will never stop
Till our last breath.


I love a girl,
Who is a pearl of my life,
she is present and has a right on my heart.

But I don’t know she loves me or not,
But I don’t know she thinks about me or not,
But I don’t know she has some affection towards me or not,
But I Love A Girl,
Who Is A Pearl Of My Life,

Her “EYES” are like deep ocean,
Her “CHEEKS” are like red apples,
Her “LIPS” are like red rose,
She is like a “QUEEN”.
But I Love A Girl,
Who Is A Pearl Of My Life,

But I Love A Girl,
Who Is A Pearl Of My Life.

I Know

I Knw You Are Not Mine,
Still I Feel Being With You.

I Knw You Give Me Pain,
Still I Find Relief In You.

I Knw You Ignore My Emotions,
Still Am Emotional For You.

I Knw You Nvr Wait For Me,
Still I Wait For You.

I Knw You Nvr Think Of Me,
Still Am Dipped In You.

I Knw I Can Nvr Keep You Happy,
Still I Find My Hapiness in You.

I Knw We’ll Nvr Stay Alive Forevr
Still I Die Every Moment For You.

You Dont Knw Someone Likes You So Hard
But Still I Know, Somewhr in Your Heart Feels The Same For Me Too……..

Immature Pain

To the one who lives in my heart
and I know not even how to start
but these lines are just to say
I love you every single day
I am hurt when you go away!

This is my first love,immature I know
and immature is the pain you give when u go
after the romantic company, I am left by I
I don’t know the reason why
my heart asks me_
Is that the immature love for whom you cry?

yeah! life is nothing but life is pain
and tears pour like pouring rain
you bloody killer, kill me at a time
to you, matters not my love and matters not a crime

Is my heart like a hell
or is it dirty as a brothel?
you scratch on me, hurt me yet
life dont want you to forget

Go away and stay happy
never come back again
but before going take away
your immature pain

Please No More

I am tired of the way
you play with me
and all is this can see
babe u make me surly
life is no long how i dream
heart knows to talk all about him
isn’t it so silly?
is this what is love?
no! no more! it is just enough
yeah I am out of handle
i cant carry it any more
though it is true, i love him 4m my core
but what is love that gives so much pain
I am afraid he’ll go away
i am sure, today or some other day
No, i dont wanna cry
I dont wanna break down, break my dream
no please! no more! I dnt wanna love him