Love Poems - Page 2

Living Through Dreamz ..

Hours pass by like years
Seems to be an eternity
As the special moment nears
Behold the memories so dear

Sharing in happiness
Caring in pain
Mesmerizing magic around
Beautiful each day

Teasing & Pleasing
Smiles & Cries
Jokes & Secrets
Fighting & Missing

Overflowing joys
Heaps of love
Sunshine filled life
Togetherness forever

love.,.,. !!!!!!

my whole days are getting lazy,
i dnt no why ,u made me crazy.//.

the thing which i do right gets wrong
the way u entered in my life my heart gets ding dong…..

when i tried to learn chemicals and reactions of chemisty

“i laugh when reminds u ” & everybody use to thing -“what could be the mystery…. !!!??? ”

hey girl u knw wht i mean,
this boy wants to be urs and thats what i need.

‘love in the air’that sounds me around,
felt in trouble of physics where is the space and where is the ground.

hey girl,plz prove me ryt,thats like the newtons 3rd law in which he tried…..

“FOR EVERY ACTION IN MY HEART, THERE EXIST EQUAL AND OPP REACTION IN UR HEART…. <3 " so dnt keep on telling,"how much are u smart", I knw very well baby,i am the one in ur heart, & will gonna remain in their insides urs like a still shinnig pole star......//// BY Baljit singh & bHaGwAnt sAnDhU

Love birds

Vo rat bdi tufani ti
us mai chupi ek kahani ti
ek ldka tha anjana sa ldki bi anjani ti
mile the vo dono us rat ko
shru hui ek prm kahani ti
dheere dheere pyar hua aur phr ekrar hua
shru hui aise un deewano ki kahani ti
jaise jaise smy gya pyar un mai bdta gya
phr achnak ek war hua pyar se jaise toot sa gya
ldki deewani ti bhut mgr ldke ko na vishwas hua
shk ki deewar ka tha war jisne khtm kr diya pyar
alg alg ho gya ye anjana anjani ka
ldki ye drd seh na ski us ldke kke bin reh na ski
khtm kr diya usne khdko aur duniya bs tamasha dhekhti rai
ye ant hua prem kahani ka jo bni ti us
ek tufani rat maii

Wish u could b mine

Don’t know still how it happened ,,
Or even when did it happen ..
I should have been very happy for u ,,
Wonder why I am actually so sad ..

Someday ,, Sometime ,, along the dreamy story ,,
From being just formal to dearest buddy ..
Somehow you became my favorite habit ..
Silly me ,, blindly relished the delight ,,
Of the treasure that wasn’t mine ..

Lost in your thoughts ,, night & day ,,
Linking our names ,, linking our lives ..
Picturizing us together ,, every possible way ..
Every time you teased ~ “I was the one” ,, How I wished ,,
My only wish ~ those magic words ,, could be true even once ..

Destiny has taken the final turn ,,
the old times ,, the old you ,,
Nothing could be same ,,
Now no one can return ..

From that first day to this ,,
countless hours passing like minutes ..
If someone could bring those moments back to me ,,
I wish you could be mine ,, mine only ..

And, if life’s wheel could take a U – Turn ..
I would steal you for myself ,, away from all ..
Your sweet & naughty talks ,, am badly gonna miss ..
Engraved deep in my heart foreva till I live ,,
All the beautiful – loving memories ..

Excess of every thing is bad

Excess of every thing is bad
Either love or care you realize me that.

u did not deserve which i give u
nw i will do tit for tat
excess of every thing is bad
either love or care
you realize me that.

it’s mah first poem which i wrote
for u
now i will create like stack
either love or care you realize me that______

Strange Love

How many times I’ve told you
That I really do love you
How many times you’ve said to me,
“You trust me with all your life.”

But why you always ask
As if it’s an important task,
If you could ever imagine
How vast is my love,
I think you’d be speechless.

Do you think it is funny
To question every word I say?
I now begin to doubt your love
If it would last for a day.

Yes, I have known you
Over a short period of time
But it doesn’t mean
You are out of the range.

It sounds crazy I guess
But I love you always
Because you give meaning
In my miserable life.

You give me a bright smile
And the love I always admire
I know, darling, you are worried
But I’m here to make you understand.

I won’t bring you any pain
I promise you’ve so much to gain.
Please, listen to me now.
I’ll love as long as you want me too.

I love you, you’re the air that I breath
And that’s absolutely the truth.

Silent Saying

When for a while you talked not,
In the sea of sadness ‘n tears I got lost.
I waited long, watched your face,
You were just busy doing my love’s trace.
Not for a moment you turned to me,
Crying heart saying, have smiling look at me.
Entire World will be dark without you,
But to see your turn, my thoughts down grew.
You held my hand again, said nothing,
That day I found, your silence saying everything.

I Love You

I love you
Without knowing how.
or when.or from where
I love you simply
Without problems or pride
I love you
In this way because
I do not know any other way
Of loving but this
In which there is no I or you
So intimate that your hand
upon my chest
So intimate that when
I fall asleep you eyes close…

Is This Love?

When I wake up this morning,
The sun is shinning,
The birds are singing,
My face is smiling,
Is this love?

You cheer me up
When I am sad.
Now that I’m glad,
You make my heart pumps up.
Is this love?

Is this love?
When I’m thinking of you all day,
When I love you in a crazy way
And there’s nothing I can say.
Is this love?

Is this love?
When I look after you quite a bit
Even though you won’t admit
You are sick of it.
Is this love?

But I’m feeling this is love
‘Cause I have been this way before.
You give me a good reason to live.
Tell me,
Is this love?

Confession of Love

From the moment I met you,
I thought it was only a game.
But I didn’t realize
I’d fall in love with you.

It was hard to believe
But love was happening to me.
I was just a little fool
‘Cause I took you for granted.

Now that I love you
And you know about my feelings,
Things get only worst between us.
I knew it’s not easy thing for us…

But I hope someday you’d listen to me.
I swear in God’s name,
I made a lot of change
‘Cause now I’m ready for everything.