Life Poems - Page 110

Life An Immortal Feeling

Like dusts I sprang into air
For others I never care
I flied as if I had wings
Like a kite without strings

Even in gloomy days I laughed merrily
While I was facing pain dreadfully
Against of me was the whole world
I didn’t say a single word

While the sun burnt my bear feet
I stood alone away of the street
I had also lost my dear friends
Solitary then , I lost my sense!

Even then I stood tall alone
For I knew once the life gone
People would count the best things
What you had done as a nice being

No matter how rich you were
Matters how many ditches you cover
No matter how much you read books
Matters how many you have crooked

Like a legend life you live
Like solemn to needy you give
Live the life like jovial
Cause life is a feeling immortal…….!

Slumdog Souvenir

No man is a dog; nor a dog, a man –
One can only be treated so.
And yet these metaphors are bad –
Which I now intend to show.

There are dogs on street and dogs at home
So, a street man can’t be a dog,
For then would men at home also be dogs;
Though never Bull or Alsatian; for all are one.

A dog’s got no moral sense; a man has at least some.
And even if he had none,
The categorization is worse, and not less;
For, a dog’s still known for its faithfulness.

The street boy might become a millionaire,
And a millionaire, come to the street;
A shack is still a home to someone;
A cover from the heat, a rest for one’s feet.

A child still laughs in the slum
A baby still cries in the palace
An eye still awaits one more dawn
While one wishes the night would prolong.

The slums have their dogs; dogs of different breeds.
Some belong at home; some rover on the streets.
But slums and all settlements are known for their men, women, and children;
Though rich or poorer they be;
They are one of us;
And in God’s sight each is precious:
Each one still one in a million,
Each one still a millionaire.

Jesus said that as a man who found a precious gem sold everything in order to buy it, so is the Kingdom of God. That is why, Christ came into the world to save us from our sins. We are all still precious to God, though the world sees it differently.

Life And Death

Over ashes of life, we trek.
Many tramped on this earth.
Stampede of time raise dust,
while we carry a casket of death.

In an earthenware pot we live
painted by best of hues on mud.
In long run, succumb to wear n’ tear,
ultimately breaking down to soil.

In funeral fire we melt down,
exploding our dreamy brains.
Curse of life leaves a trail on you
While riding white horse to fate.

Our dream houses litter in debris
charred lie our toys we played
scared face of near n’ dear ones
takes a peep into pyre I retire.

Circumvolutions conclude,
Breaking down in exasperation
Among heap of garbage we search
picking up life again from thrash.

Kneading a lump of clay, we shape,
Again into this world of delusion
At last, we pray holding a candle
Oh, lord let me lead you to senses!

The World

I agree that you are charming, desirable, and fulfilling
Mild or violent though I be your presence is mesmerizing
Kings and paupers, young and old have never been able to evade you
For you are charming; charmingly murderous.
You rend the heart from the mind, and kill its thousand eyes
You bend the heart to the flesh, and fill it with a million lies
Visible desire, invisible snare.
Lust of flesh, death of mind.
O World, the master tradesman
You give us what we want
At the cost of what we need.

Misses Those Things

I have a life,
a life of my own,
with friends, and family….
new things coming by,
but still, misses those things.

I am older,
making my own decisions,
with many things to explore….
new challenges coming by,
but still misses those things.

Had money to buy,
purchasing my own things,
with many things to own….
new mode of enjoyment coming by,
but still misses those things.

As I drive by,
watching many things moving by,
with many places to visit….
and new maturity coming by,
but still misses those things.

Yes I miss that,
and know its going by,
those lovely times to spend….
no worries, only play,
and the simplicity I had.

Yes it was childhood,
admiring and surprised,
loving each moment as it comes….
and loving the stillness,
caring and loving to get.

I have to move on,
taking new responsibilities,
as the time passes by….
and keep the memories with me,
but still I misses those things.

What is Truth?

What is truth? What is falsehood?
The mind knows; the heart doesn’t.
Logic sees; feeling doesn’t.
Truth is truth when the heart sees it,
Feels it, knows it, believes it,
Till it becomes a part of me, one with me.

Truth must be one’s passion,
The fountain of life, strength, and energy.
It must be water to the thirsty,
Food to the hungry,
Medicine to the sick,
Wealth to the poor.
Or else, truth is a stranger
That keeps no friend.

Everybody sells ‘truth’, but are they all real?
Objects with the same name, but different colors, shapes, sizes, odor.
What is the standard of truth?
Who will specify the mark of truth?
Where is its hologram? Does it have a master?
If one claims to be its owner; how do we know that’s true?

What Happens Next?

I’m not a poet,
Yet I try to be one
To let my heart set
Into the world of fun.

But how can anyone…how…
When those snobs welcome them, with a kick,
Whose worthless lives filled with sorrow,
Have nothing but their palms to eke?

If such be the plan of modern society,
And if…- you have a separate entity;
Then… why not raise your third hand
To oust that brutal band?

I don’t know how to escape this matrix,
But I’m quite sure and I can fix
That our works for treasure
Will give the world a bit of pleasure.

Coz’ today, I’m in the same condition
Trying to fulfill my old ambition.
I wish my thoughts could be true;
And I’m on my way of virtue.

I’m on my way… I’m on my way…of…of…

I Am Not Like You

At this world, in your life,
you make money to survive,
you have been hardworking & sincere,
become skillful & perform jobs here.

I may not be sincere & hardworking,
not as skillful as you have been,
but one thing, i want to say to you,
that my friend, i am not like you.

I may pass days wondering,
unmindful of works here occuring,
you may call me mad and think,
that i am not like you.

But i can imagine, can explore,
can see things beyond yours,
can see a picture and go into it,
and can feel emotions there.

I can make my own world,
with its own structure and system,
can feel the love and emotion,
being a part of my own compassion.

I can here the voice of cuckoo,
in a hot summer day,
can enjoy the wind and wet air,
in a tough humid day.

I may not get a name,
get some riches and fame,
but one thing satisfy as a whole,
that i get happiness inside my soul.

You can laugh & make fun of me,
got angry or scold me,
but, real human nature known by few,
as my friends….. i am not like you.

Mysterious Death Of Death – Mystery

I had taken my birth,
‘I’ was then a mystery!
I am here in the earth,
‘I’ is still a mystery!!
I will be dead without worth,
‘I’ will then be a mystery!!!
‘I’ — what is it then?
I wonder, you wonder, everyone wonders—
‘I will what be next,when it will happen
In a second next, after my death thunders!’
It will happen when death will continue to awaken
Itself, to remain among the mystery-wonders.

To Terrorists

*To Terrorists*

Day after day and year after year
You have been working for
Only the rapid cause of destruction,
You are what are the teachers of terror
That began without construction.

Do you know what life is,
How long it is,
How to live it, but to leave it?
Or don’t you know you are human beings?
Terrorism – You define it.

Yet passions may differ, but this you mustn’t prefer
For, the heaven may be roomless,
To provide them room at once, innocent souls they are;
Await your death; your soul would be near;
But enough room has the hell for merciless.
Yet you won’t prefer, but hell you can’t differ.

What do you wanna show
Through your meaningless powers?
Whom do you wanna show
These terrible blood showers?
Or do you wanna blow
Your terrorism towards your followers?

I know you can’t answer
Coz you don’t understand nature;
You don’t understand human language,
Just all we needa say is –”Provide us Freedom always.”