Inspirational Poems - Page 5


This is who we are
Human beings-A snake!
As you crawl up
To the highest mountain
There will be many snakes
To try to stop you
But even if you rolled back down
From where you’ve started
Get angry and frustrated
If you must but
Use that strength to reach the top
Dare to be different and
Be willing to give yourself and others
A fair break
You’ll be judge hastily
So give others a huge supply of patience
Others are just the
Test of your endurance
If your afraid of poison
If you only to give up half way
Then don’t waste your time
To start or try
So don’t be fooled
Of what others think of you
At the end of the day
You can walk head high
And say;”Hey!I’ve done it!
And it’s you who will profit
You will never know
What is there for you
On the highest mountain
If you’re afraid of being
Poisoned or swallowed by a snakes…

I Want…

I want to constantly
Encountering new opportunities
To unleash what’s absolute within me
I want to
Make better decisions
Each day of my life
Avoiding the things
That trigger stress
And to do a good job
On everything I do
I want to be able to look back
And see a life will lived
To be always aware that
I won’t be able to satisfy
Everyone along the way
But I want to be myself
To be true and stick
To what I believe in
I want to be content and
At peace of myself.


Worries is like rocking chair
It keeps you busy
But leads you no where
Learn to be part of
The solution rather than
Be a victim of the problem
Learn to be inwardy awake
And then you will minimise joy
If you have lived
Your life wisely and creatively
Then relaxation will
Happen automatically
And you won’t feel
Any worries…


How can words hurt
Words is just a word
So the word cannot hurt
What hurts is what meaning
You give to words and
How you interpret
Those words and the
Interpretations is yours
If you read something
They are nothing but words
Don’t strongly interpret it
In a hurtful way
And then you will not be hurt
Hurt or being upset
Whether you justify it or not
Is self damaging
So learn to refuse
Getting hurt and
That decision will
Give you more power

Only Truth Sets You Free

You know
I think is fine
And truly a good thing
To take your time
To realized
Truth of what you hear
You know
I think is fine
And truly a good thing
To stand up for
what you believe
The only problem
I have and see
Is not knowing
What that is
As you defend
Where you stood
With no request
For you to do so
It just make sense to me
People stand to
What they believe
But actually doesn’t quiet know
What it is
You know
I think its fine
And a truly good thing
Take time to take to rest
More myth truth
On what you hear
On only truth sets you free
Only truth sets you free.

I Am Me

I am me
with freedom and
the wits and courage
to fight for my right
to respect and be respected
I am me
I become a useful person
who could make a little
difference in the lives
of the people around me
I am me
truly honestly accepting
myself for who I am
I will never be the smartest.funniest.
prettiest.most talented
but I am me
and I’m pretty darned fabulous
in my own way and
I try to learn new things
all the time and be kind
and have the sound of moral compass
and I care about what happens
in the world around me
I am me…

I Am Tall

I am tall
even if I’m only average height
I can reach tall enough
to meet almost any emergency
life chooses to throw my way
In many ways
I am tall
tall enough to play
the game of life fairly
with cool.admirable calm
I am tall
with dignity.moral
and emotional courage
I am tall
with enough confidence of my own
that even when I fail
I get up from where I’d failed
and keep my head and move on
I am tall!

In Our Little World

How often do we look around
To see what’s going on
In our little world
If we look do we choose to see
Or just go with what we like to pretend
Are the places we’d like our lives to be
So interesting it is
To see people walking by
Driving their cars so intent
To be on being where they feel they need
Instead of where they are
So stressed and concerned
Looking for time when the truth
Is all they really have
Funny how we think it all
Mine is more important than yours
Putting so much value on things today
That will be forgotten tomorrow
Oh if only we have time to realize
All things happen in their own time
Lose our needs to criticize
What we either know nor understand
For in the end we each claim
Our own tract of land place under stone
Whose only value lies
In the how and what
We choose to see with our own eyes.

I Hear You!

Ah I heard your voice today
and I couldn’t help but smile
all the words you give out
all the imagination
I have of you
just come pouring through
I see what your reaching for
trying to rock the house
and so I must admit
your talented.sensitive
and obnoxious
screaming out for more
being here instead of being there
tell me what is the difference
it was suppose to fun
not no where to run…

Live Your Dreams

Live your dreams
be they big or small
it is dreams that keep us going
without dreams
life would just move along
and nothing would change
no one wants to remain stagnant
facing some difficulties
in the initial years
should not be a barrier
to pursuing your dreams
the difficulties should be seen
as a encouragement
to put in the extra effort
no body said
learning was easy
no body promise it
to be smooth sailing
but negotiating rough water is worth it
it means you move closer
to your dreams
imagine how you feel
if your dreams become reality
do that and live your dreams
allow your dreams
to come in handy
May all your dreams come true!