Inspirational Poems - Page 4

Life is Precious

I know what frustration feels like
I know how it feels to sick at heart
While trying to do my best
And enslaving myself
To other people’s expectation
I know how it feels
To be accused of things
I don’t even know about
And to be repaid with bad for
The good you did
I know how it feels to be alone
While everyone gleefully
Join together to go against you
And how they were glad
When your in trouble
That they gather gossip
And spread it everywhere
I know how it feels to sick at heart
And to be worn out from sobbing
Every night tears drench your bed
And how your pillow wet from weeping
I know how it feels to cry
And ask yourself “Why God?”
But I step out of that weakness
And step up into strength
That’s when I appreciate and value
Life most I’d learnt
To be grateful for every moment
And while I strive for improvement
I count my blessings…

You Are My World

When I look into your eyes,
I see a thousand stars in the sky.

You’re the smile on my face,
My dreams and my hope.

When you hold me in your arms,
I can’t resist your charms.

When my day is not okay,
You try to make me happy.

When I feel the weight of the world,
You’re the one that I need.

You’re my world, you’re my life,
You are everything to me.

My darling, my love,
Will you always be mine?

Give Me That

I found my words exhausted,
limping out of my pen in pain.
I remain thoughtless n’ lost.
My images fall smashing hail.
As day dreams they fizzle.
After I saw you I felt my futile.
All I wished was your grace.
I knew you enveloped me in.
I can still see your smile everywhere.
Now my metaphors diminished.
In scanty thoughts I saw your glow.
By a Basil leave I worship you,
placing my heart in a tray of silence.
Bless me with your charm.
Bless me with your aroma.
Bless me with your love.
Bless me. bless me. bless me.
Let me adore you with a soulful syllable?
Give me that syllable as breathe!

For Upon My Head, Nothing Gold Can Stay

Standing at the threshold
of Death’s ultimate door,
my last gasp escapes me…
As I’ve never experienced before.

Into the Heavenly realm
I ascend in wonderment,
now housed in an incorruptible body
and thankful that from sin I did repent.

Standing in God’s throne room
freed of all Earthly flesh,
my spiritual essence is energized
and feeling fully refreshed.

Now gathered unto my Savior,
unencumbered reality is more than it seems;
for to be in His Presence
is my accomplished dream.

Having been given my kingly reward,
in these times of everlasting days,
willfully I set my crown at His feet.
For upon my head, nothing gold can stay.

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Enjoy This Season

Withering grass of this season
with your abundance of green,
take advantage of Today –
Contribute to this Earthly scene.

Enjoy your present strength;
ignore worries of the past.
Let the distant failures fade
and let sweeter memories last.

Be true to yourself always,
standing tall and strong.
Focus on your own meadows and…
Learn to hum to Life’s song.

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The world is smaller than we think it is,
Our mind creates an illusion.
We already have everything we need,
We are the final conclusion.

Deep within there’s a fire that burns,
Always seems so confusing.
Most will never understand,
What the world is loosing.

I pray one day we’ll share the waves
And all the land within.
The boarders removed, the prophesy’s proved.
The world as one, as kin.

Self Aware

We all have a sense of self
A self-definition.self-worth
From here to develop skills
Then we have self-respect
The more positive our image
The more self-authored
Our lives will be
The more we script our own stories
It shows our self-esteem
And your self-identity is positive
This means we are sure of ourselves
No matter what
Intention is the key
Being present works “all there”
When we get out of our negative selves
A marvellous journey of discovery
Can begin.If we want
We can see.hear and feel…
And understand the power
By accepting ourselves unconditionally.


As products of an imperfect world
All of us are imperfect
Everyone of us has done some wrong
There are things we regret
Things we have done
or things we didn’t do
Acknowledging our wrong doings
With a genuine sense of remorse
Can serve to keep us
On the track of life
And encourage us to rectify our mistakes
When possible and take action
To correct things in the future
But if we allow our regret
To degenerate into excessive guilt
Holding on the memory of our past
Trangressions with continued
Blame and self hatred
This serve no purpose
Other than to be relentless source
Of self-punishment
And self-induced suffering.

Oh Computer Oh Computer

Oh Computer Oh Computer………..
You Are The Real Forthcoming Future.
You Can Do All Tough Things,
What Is Human Can’t Imagine, That You Brings.
You Makes Impossible To Possible, You Are Greatest Smart,
But You Are The One Who Had Without A Heart.
You Can Solve Hard Problems, Just Like An Easy
You Can Create Save Or Delete, Happiness Life Not Like Busy.
You Lives Between Wires Softwares And Hardwares, You Works Without Stress,
You Are The Modern Revolution For The Human Race.
You Are The Source Of Entertainment, You Makes Life Beautiful,
You Are The Best Friend Of Human Cause You Are Wonderful.
Oh Computer Oh Computer………….

Time and Transcendence

Past is left behind like a frozen piece of concrete;
Future ahead is spread out like a giant misty sheet.
The parted Past is of us a part; Future, still transcendent.

Invisible Future yanks us out of Past’s grave-like sleep;
It pulls us to its infinite bosom of possibilities deep.
Death is a terror to those who have failed to be transcendent.

The flesh cleaves to the dust to return to the dust;
The spirit reaches upward to the starry sky:
Ego shall fade, so shall every pulsation of lust;
But, the wise shall shine like the stars of the sky.