Inspirational Poems - Page 3

Sky Is Limit .. !!

Too early ,, too late ,,
No mattr wat ..
‘Ts nw or neva ..
Young lik a child ,,
Wl alwz b lil heart ..
Young earlir or old latr ,,
No one cares whn ..
Dreamz @ night ,,
Millions thru d day ..
Shine lyk a gem all d tym ..
Sparklg glittrs in tiny eyes ,,
Jump ahead evry step ..
Fight bak or skip sm ,,
Mke ur own way ..
Fly highr at ech fall ,,
Stars r jus a leap away ..

Today’s Great Undead Poets

Today’s great undead poets,
awash in the internet sea,
seek to fill the void of sensible emptiness
of our cyberspace world.
Following the heroic tradition of Man,
these daring individuals look to gain acceptance
through the expression of concepts.
Mirroring the virility and vitality of Life,
in defiance of critical naysayers,
the blankness of virtual paper
is scribbled upon with hurt, hope and ideals.
Writing styles and topics,
whether expressed in romanticized language
or the coarseness of profanity,
are brilliantly reflected in individualized glory
and authors bask in the personal satisfaction of achievement.
In the ever continuing flow of poetic thought,
today’s great undead poets
find treasures in the discovery of self.

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Ahhh… Immortality.

After the death of my earthly flesh,
my spirit will fully embrace it.
For I’m truly made
in my Creator’s Image
and filled with His Divine presence.
How can anyone doubt…
The premise of my logic?

Ahhh… Immortality.

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Moments of Clarity

Oh, how I desire more
of Your Light’s essence,
to clearly penetrate
the core of my being.

How much can I endure
without Your Presence?
Though I may be frustrated,
it’s You Lord, I’m believing.

It’s been said before,
in Your Word’s eloquence –
“nothing new” has been stated
and it agrees with what I’m seeing.

Moments of clarity, at the door
of Your Kingdom’s brilliance,
are revelations of my faith’s fate,
found under Your grace and loving… kindness.

Giving Tithes to God

Revelations of the heart
regarding how one’s money is spent
echoes volumes about character
and our God-given talents.

For Jehovah is far from being poor;
He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.
He’s not into ungodly extortion
to keep you from paying your bills.

By serving two masters,
one will be dearly loved – the other sorely hated;
so one can never be truly happy
until settling the God and Mammon debate.

The wealth of God lies in His Word.
His principle of tithing is a mechanism
to pour out financial blessings upon us.
Therefore, purge your mindset of secularism.

Jehovah desires our faithfulness
to fulfill our ministry to the Earth.
We won’t be judged on our daily income –
Know that money can never define… Our true worth.

Silent Words Are Useless

I’ve got my opinions as any other;
Hopefully, I’ll be clear and you’ll understand
that our silent words are useless –
For the trees will willingly clap their hands.

The one true God spoke into existence
the birds, fishes, plants, mammals, Earth
and all forms of life including…
Humble beginnings of Mankind’s birth.

The sound of our individual voices
is something that God covets and enjoys;
He wants our unadulterated praise verbalized
with heartfelt, cheerful, and celebratory noise.

Our real outward expressions of faith
for acknowledging His holy ways
can only be accomplished via…
Sincere, loving and audible praise.

So open your mouth during Church worship
and praise Him without doubt!
For your silent words are useless –
Causing even the rocks… to cry out.

Violet Muwanguzi

As a delicate flower,
you bring beauty to a barren garden
with your wondrous smile.
Despite the harsh winds of Life,
you are firmly planted in God’s hands
and stand upright in strength.
Your tenderness will always be evident;
avoid those who would look
to trample you under foot.
Let Jehovah’s spiritual principles
blossom fully in your life –
Be a blessing to others
and reflect the brillance of His Light.

Author’s Note:

This piece was written for a contest, sponsored on the behalf of Uguandan orphans. Many children have lost their parents to the HIV/AIDS virus, including Violet. This particular event was partnered with to get personalized poems, a blanket and a stuffed animal to each child in need. We are all God’s children; please visit and show some love.

Eternal Wait

Fear of becoming sane
inherits the hate of earth.
I wake up in the rains of time.

Fire of soul
extracts the thought shapes
like stark naked truth
in the desert of pain –

underthings the child of wisdom.
I hardly think, in my failures.
The house will go up in blaze
by the earthen lamp of fading glory.

There was no light, a quick death
of lips and speech. The human touch-
prints had avenged for words.
Inspiration will wait.


Watching the ascension
of half-moon from the brown hills
there was a blast in veins.

A raw hope strokes the clouds.
Starting a fire in stars,
making you blind.

Till the eyelids become heavy
with guilt, striving. Waking up
in middle of blue.

I was trying to reach you, when you
were not there,
wounding me in void.

Tiny Step…

Make a difference even to one
You have won.

Share noble thoughts with all
You can stand up tall.

Step over obstacles with a smile
You have walked over a mile.

Barriers may be broken with humility
You have that uncanny ability.

Self Surrender leads you to the goal
You will then be noble, O Soul!