Grandmother Poems

My Grandmother

my grandmother she an angel
and she has a heart of gold
her love is like an angel
with wings on hold
my grandmother she is like a rainbow in the sky she takes all your tears away when your sad and when you cry.

Submitted by roseann sabia.

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An Angel Lost Her Wings

an angel lost her wings,
she fell from grace,
descending from the heavens
falling through space she
comes to mother earth.

she greets me with a
smile that eases all
my pain acid teardrops
fall from the clouds
like rain.

now i give myself to
you please take my
hand we could travel
together to a foreign
land, through huxley’s
door we travel just as
it was planned.

divine inspiration sent
forth by god, she is my muse without her
i have nothing she is the spark to my fuse that angel is my grandmother.

rest- n- peace grandmama i miss u so much.

Submitted by bianca .

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