GoodBye Poems

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Last farewell

Some farewells are mundane, others are momentous.
Sometimes farewell is beautiful.
Sometimes farewell is a part of sad memories.
Sneering, sour and scornful farewells.
Whether we say goodbye to lovers, family members, or old habits-temporarily or forever-thse sentences
captured those complicated emotions.
In the end of our life,
everyone will face all of the farewells situation.


All the time we spent together
Now its time to say goodbye
I know its hard but everywhere i go
Its like a blur fresh from the snow
I love you more every passing year
but its time to say goodbye.

Goodbye friend

Often times we think
We are invincible
We think we will be around forever
We think our friends
Will be around forever
Then good bye’s come along
And forever seems so yesterday
Good bye has its true magic
it reminds me of the
Brevity of beautiful things
the Savoir of each moment
then it Replicates itself
The glimmer disappears,
leaving us with nothing to bear
sometimes i wonder
what I would do without you
then I realize without you
there is no me
thanks to you I discovered who I was
who I can become,
I hate the word goodbye
but if we love something
we should set it free
not keep it hostage
I hope this is nt the end,
but if it is I want you to know
my dear friend…and sister
you made a mark on my map
and I hope I made one on yours.

Goodbye Is The End

ur enterance existance,forgot that thought
goodbye sneaks…blooms beneath the toll
acceptance or thrust on share
bowing beneath,secrets way too unfold
surrender or war lead a brisk end
every step i took ,every contrast in the blend.
the scare ,the nightmare…a regretting slance
loving memories all turned into ash
a moron .a draft nothing much i am
coz even the thought of going away
a throttle to all that we had
goodbye is the end

A Heartfelt Farewell

Often times we think
We are invincible
We think we will be around forever
We think our friends
Will be around forever
We think our loveones
Will be around forever
Then good bye’s come along
And forever seems so yesterday
Good bye have their their magic
They remind me of the
Brivity of beautiful things
Savour each moment
Replicates itself
The glimmer is gone
I bid a heartfelt farewell
And pray that you’ll
Make a mark in your world
Just like you had in mine.

Resting In Peace

With the wind beating around me,
I walked along the lonely lanes,
I waited for your arrival,
When I’d fears I came to you.
Each time I looked into your eyes
Nothing could I find but calmness
You waved me back to home
And never let me know
How you stole my heart
But today, your silence haunts me
I held my breath to hear your footsteps
In the nightmare of dark
I fainted in your arms
As I lay with half-closed eyes
You did know, I’d lay still forever
You let my soul go with you
In the cold night, on the icy snow
I lay there resting in peace.

Good Bye Poem

This i the time to say good bye
so much is about to start to cry
crying is the baddest but saying good bye is worse than crying
but i do fell crying
good bye

The Tears of a Clown

I spent my life more than the amount,
Spent for others or the better it’d sound,
Everyday I hear the callings of graveyard,
I’m afraid I ignore them not to get apart,
It was a good journey to travel by though,
I came to meet you, and love you so!
I crossed many oceans more than any one could found
With a crew which has stolen my crown,
And the ship has to go down,
I hope you understand the (my) tears of a clown!


I wipe the tears from my eyes;
so you don’t notice my cries;
I harden my heart, even as it tears me apart; you don’t seem to care, or mind;
the only thing that can heal me is time;
you keep hanging on not letting me go;
for now I must go with the flow;
I wish I could let go and have time to heal; but right now I’m forced to deal;
This is not my choice, nor is it fair;
but it’s left me with my heart broken and bare;
I wish you would let me go so I can be free;
How much your hurting me you just don’t see;
Please understand I do love you, but letting go is something I must do.

The End

Friends can be lovers
But lovers can’t be friends.
If you are neither of the two,
Then who are you?

Will you try to be a friend?
Or will you try to make amends?
Will you try to put your feet on the ground?
Will you take away your pride and come around?

Better start talking
Better start trying
To stop me from walking
So you won’t end up crying

Why do friends fall in love?
Why do lovers hurt each other?
Tried to read between the lines
The end is there to see and goodbyes…