God Poems

Spiritual Irony

Foolishness of Jehovah
exceeds the wisdom of Mankind;
torture by crucifixion
was to serve as a deterrent
to stop all forms of crime.

Inhumane treatment
demonstrates insatiable blood thirst
in a vain attempt to bring out
the best character of man
by placing World’s justice system first.

However, death of the Innocent Lamb,
a perfect sacrifice God did decree
to bridge the gap of sin
using Man’s worst punishment
in a twist of spiritual irony.

Silent Tears

To willingly lay down one’s life
for the redemption of all others
is an immeasurable sacrifice.
More painful than His Suffering
were the silent tears
that stained the Savior’s cheeks
in memoriam
of those who rejected Him.

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When It Gets Dark

When it gets dark the birds & flowers
Shut their eyes & says goodnight
And the father who loves them is counting the hours of darkness…
And keeps them safe until the light comes again & blur away the hour of darkness…

Dear Father,
Count the hours tonight…
When I can’t see any light…
Because I know you will never put me out in this dark peaceful night…
Because I know you want me to see the beauty behind of this endless night…
And learn a lot to earn…
While dreaming and searching?
I will become stronger and better…
So Father,
Count the hours tonight because from now
I will search for the light…
To see the sight of the light…
To hope and pursue to past all of the struggles…
And to continue living until I get to that light…
And be sure that light will never be a night…


And He Whispered…

Trying to understand
my place in this complicated world,
my soul was sorely troubled –
And He whispered to me softly.

Trying to comprehend
my divine purpose within His Family,
my desires were unfocused –
And He whispered to me gently.

By giving myself completely to Him,
I found absolute abundance
that’s sustained by Salvation’s foundation –
And He whispered to me quietly…

“Well done My faithful servant, enter into My Rest.”

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Why Would You Love Me?

Oh, my Lord…
Why would You love me?

Your greatness exceeds human comprehension
and Your wealth surpasses the Earth’s riches.
In Your mind’s eye, my life has been viewed
and my judgment awaits its sentencing.

Before my existence, Your Blood was cruelly shed –
spilled for my sins, both conceived and committed.
You made Yourself vulnerable to man’s hatred
for saving flawed souls, such as myself.

To leave the comfort of Your heavenly realm,
for the sole purpose of being slaughtered as the sacrificial Lamb,
prior to my knowledge and acceptance of You,
supernaturally defines the concept of risk.

I have visualized the silent tears
that stained Your cheeks during Your Crucifixion,
but I am unable to fully appreciate the pain
that You suffered on my humble behalf.

Oh, my Lord…
Why would You continue to love me?

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2009, All rights reserved.


Originally written by Daneillia Leisl Samuels

So tired waking up half asleep as i walk to the bathroom and brush my teeth
oh i’d rather stay home
but i chose to earn for a living grateful…
as i pause and thank God for the blessings he showers me with daily
i can accept it or throw it away
its a matter of choice
fatigue has me!!!
as i sit in my office and think
there’s people out there who is not in a office,home,or shelter
rushing through my day to hurry home, study and cook
and finally i relax as i sit with my books
i am blessed
so blessed….
i gave it all to You Father and You have blessed me
choice!!! it was my choice to accept the blessings
my choice to keep the hope
my choice to keep the faith
Oh Father i am forver grateful!!!!
thank You for the Choices
it made me grow
i’ve learned from it
i am forever grateful….

The Messiah

The silence in the graveyard,
disturbed by sporadic howling.
The insane wind blows,
forcing the dry leaves
to be swayed with it.

The continuity of the moonlight
is obstructed by the clouds,
playing hide and seek.

The lightning flashes arouse fear.
Some footsteps are heard.
Soon there is an unshunned glaze,
which fades the evil pathways,
rejuvenating the dying hope,
in the form of messiah,
the messenger of God.

He Always Knows…

In front of him my head only bows,
How much I love him, no one knows.
When I go down, light of hope he shows,
So every credit, to him only goes.
In this world often hot ‘n cold wind blows.
What would happen next who knows?
With me in tuff times he always goes.
What I ever desired, that he always knows.

Puppet’s Pray

This clay’s puppet wants’ to pray,
In this world here’s only your hold sway.
Today again I suffered from a bad day,
Please never let it come back in my way.
If it comes, then with me you stay.
That time, healing words for me you say.
One day, death will make me bray.
Before that I’ll have to pay and defray.
I want to come to you, please send dray.
On me dear, put one single divine ray.
Am in dismay, on me make love’s spray.
I’d be grateful, if you put light on this astray.

Oh God, I Can’t Take It Anymore

Oh God, I cant take it anymore
Show ur shower of blessing
U help Cripple to walk
U help blind to see
Show me the direction to her heart
Oh God…..

Oh God, I cant take it anymore
when this distance come to end
when two souls become one
when seed of love sprouts in her heart
when it gain its full blossom
Oh God……..