Funeral Poems

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I Know What Not To Feel Nor How To Feel!

I spend my whole childhood
Without you in more ways than one
I felt I was never had
A best childhood
Life is a continual process
Of wonder and the why’s
It used to confused me a lot
I know what not to feel nor how to feel
I spend so much time
Forlornly wondering to whether
You whether you think of me
To whether you accept and
Loved me in any way
I know how to feel nor how how to feel
Strange how time flies with such speed
I’ve since grown up
My feeling has changed
I’ve got my own life to lead now
But the past still with me
And I will certainly not
To forget about you
You are not an easy man
To forget.though your a total stranger
And with all the wonder’s and why’s
I’d never hated you
I know how I feel nor how to feel
When we finally there
Said hello.I felt the warmth
Between father and daughter
Now that you are gone
I know how to feel nor how to feel
Perhaps the only definite feeling
That I have is the nagging regret
Of not having known you more
Better before you died.

Everything is Fate

For a while
I feel numb.sad and upset
I was too shocked
And my world stopped
But in the midst
Of my emotional break down
I saw you.memories
Are reflecting back faithfully
I remember how you show’d me
The purpose to live
And to take care of what interest me
Too.encourage me whenever
I hit rock-bottom
When I was all alone and lost
You held my hand and show’d me the way
Thank you for everything
That you’ve done for me
What would I be without you
Never wallow in self pity or regrets
Are you’re loveliest virtues
And that’s what I want to do
To never fail to remember
And to enjoy reflecting
To your idea’s and words of wisdom
And though without you
My joy will be greater
My love will be deeper
My life will be fuller
Because you shared your moments
My beloved grandma
You’re deeply missed
And forever etched in my hear

Can We Stand Till Eternity End?

There’s no words can express
My feeling of a dearly missed
So near yet so far apart
Where does one end
and the other one start
The questions of so many why’s
Though you’d never there
I’d always love you
No words can express the feeling
When you were right there before my eyes.coddling me like a little girl
I was looking forward
To be with you again
With all the dreams and hope
That we will get closer
Like we never did before
But it hurts knowing
You must die like others
Before we could see each again
And that I have to let you go
but the short memories
shared lives on
I treasure them and
Hold them close to my heart
Look at me now
So much has changed
I wonder why God has this arranged
There’s so many wishes
There’s so much to tell you
So much to say
If we have just one more minute.
one day…
But I have to let you go
Your always in my thought
Forever in my heart
Always beloved and dearly missed
Daddy…I will always love you

Satan’s Child

See his eyes
Like his father
Muse in devils dreams
See me transport you to him
Inside your ???
Space he will rape
Like his father
He has the same ways
Like his Mother—poor baby
My will is stronger than your will
It was committed when he died
And I’ve been living ever since
So So So close by your side
Give your touch to me my Child
Know that he cannot see
The devil wears no disguise
None! But the one you afford me

An Angel Lost Her Wings

an angel lost her wings,
she fell from grace,
descending from the heavens
falling through space she
comes to mother earth.

she greets me with a
smile that eases all
my pain acid teardrops
fall from the clouds
like rain.

now i give myself to
you please take my
hand we could travel
together to a foreign
land, through huxley’s
door we travel just as
it was planned.

divine inspiration sent
forth by god, she is my muse without her
i have nothing she is the spark to my fuse that angel is my grandmother.

rest- n- peace grandmama i miss u so much.

A Tribute To My Father

A fondle on chest, a soft chant of love,
a sound from heart, woke him up,.
Through shaded labyrinth of silting darkness,
he opened eyes pushing up eyelids hard.
Weakness pasted his vision with receding time.
Thick rheum sticks his eyelashes down.

Pain of regrets craves out his love for life,
one more chance in order to seek forgiveness.
Body diminishes to disintegration.
One by one cell retires into stillness.
Bones clatter and rest under his skin.
Long breathes and hiccups for fresh air.

Heart-beat lives in synthesized display machine,
Blood pressure monitored in analogue
Feeble corridors of veins pump blood in vain.
His arteries and capillaries strain by low oxygen intake.
Day light dooms slowly behind his retinas.
Spasm seizes and pulls his remaining muscles.

I could read his mind on facial expressions
A sickening empathy consumes me as his tongue collapse.
My hand unaware subtly touches his heart.
Crest fallen I try boosting his confidence.
Let me beg your release from pain of life
May your soul depart in a chariot of my obeisance?
A dream vanishes beyond recollection.
Dove escapes fluttering her angelic wings

Yet Another Flower Falls

There he lies a bare truth.
A Spent life, pauper in full.
A glare of myth just vanished.
leaving a mystic bubble behind.

Behind veil of mist he danced,
blaring out his throat in rhythm.
Moon walking to soul of music,
he stretched hands hugging lives.

Far and wide he trotted globe,
wearing rainbow over his head.
A crown of jewels he wore,
rocking and popping his crowd.

Dressed in soap suds he played,
melting his body with music.
Among roars and claps of fans,
he lived floating a tinsel life.

A soul full of soul full melodies,
streamed out of his frail frame.
Leaning world, bowled over him.
making him a pet chameleon.

One day he fell off the rostrum.
litter his skeleton all around
His composure ridiculed cruelly,
smearing his vanity with shame

In a coffin of images he will lived
singing a melancholy to soul.
We place a wreath of our love,
Still; feeling touch of his feet in our hearts.

Kamala Surayya

Celebrating all through her life,
she vanished behind curtain of time,
leaving a legacy of her beauty.
She was born in an angel’s dream,
glittering her womanhood with pride.

Between love and beauty she cloaked,
Clanging her sweet words of compassion,
wrote her verses with deep passion.
Her stories streamed from her soul,
signaling her thirst for unquenchable love.

Simple innocent words from her mouth,
captivated attention of world of letters.
She kept a casket of pearl close to her heart,
often wearing it all over her body.
spilling graceful droplets of thought all around.

Becoming a bride of her lover lord Krishna,
she kept a diary full of his colourful images,
sketched world with a peacock feather.
Transcended even her idol beyond concepts,
turning herself into Adwaita* on her on way.

Escaping herself into freedom by innocence,
spoke words of truth from her heart.
Resting under pomegranate tree of her home,
she wove silky sketches of love and nature,
blooming as a flower on her favorite tree.

• Hindu philosophy is based on principles of Adwaita
• Which says one with god, there is only one truth
• That you are.

I don’t know I have done justice to the great poetess by my poem,
If not I apologize for my lack of imagination.

Memories Of A Childhood Made Great

To Grandma from her grandchildren:

Chocolate covered raisins, cookies, and ice cream
Shoe boxes, gum, and going to the laundry machine

Rummy, solitaire, Gin, and cards
Your folding cart, babysitting, and every year a Valentine’s day card

Games and puzzles, workbooks from school
The club house, fishing, and swimming in the pool

Spaghetti dinners, fish filets, green beans, and of course tea
Presents, restaurants, it was always for me

Picture albums and phone calls
The whole family in scrabble on the wall

Asking about our babies and our lives
Grandma to all of our wives

Our memories are filled with fun, laughter and joy
Because our Grandma loved her boys