Friendship Poems - Page 7

Effect Of Yours

When I stole from my bed I remembered,
Whose even a thought comforted me ,
fear, agony
those in me , the fire of love of friendship
Burnt it, the fragrance of you
refreshed me
The flower whose scent, not yet produced by Earth
Carried by you
Then the cool breeze came ,
cooled me the burning,
And its none
except You.

You And Me On A Road

You came dear in my life
a wish I had
My heart too wanted
wanted a friend true to me
you came dear in my life
Dark,Gloomy,Unpleasant it was
I myself feared from it dear
it was a dark road , moving on which i really feared
like a silver lining
emersing from all dark clouds
you came dear in my life
and all fear i had in me
your divine light turned it to ashes
yes, dear the day you came in my life
now I have someone
to walk besides me, on that dark road
It is none , but you dear

I Feel Proud

You give me warmth
When it is cold:
With you I want
To grow old.

You give me strength
To carry on,
And when I am weak
You show me how to move on.

You dry my tears
With your amazing love
It must be true
You are sent from above.

You ease my pain
With your muscular wrist stout,
You show me
What love is about.

You find a way to make me smile
When we are apart
There is something I can surely say
My Love for you comes straight from my heart

These words I wrote
To complete my vow:
My love for You will always grow.

The Three Musketeers

Love, Laughter, and of course YOU.
You bring into my life the other two
From the day we met, and for every single day
Love and laughter in our lives will stay.

Laughter is a pleasant sound,
It spreads joy all around
Laughter can be a kind of help
A worthy enemy to distress.

Raise this laughter so dear
To be heard by human ear
Make it go on around the earth
Little chuckles happy mirth
So many ways of laughter
Don’t fear the others comments further.

Let laughter way out of yourself
Be assured laughter is magic
Open your heart to thyself
It overcomes all tragic.


With the warmest of wishes
Let you have a vow
hope that you’re feeling
much better now.

Hope this happy get-well note
Adds sunshine to your day-
And shows you that you’re thought of
In a warm and special way!

It’s nice to hear you’re doing well
And convalescing fast,
And here’s a wish that your good health
Will last and last and last.

Even though you’re not feeling your best
With a little time, good care and rest-
It won’t be long until the happy day
When you’re feeling fine in every way.

Hope you’ll soon be feeling fine
The way you were before
Because things just won’t be the same
Until you’re well once more.

My Friend

My Friend,
You were there when I passed my exams
Sharing my screams of joy.

My Friend,
You were there when I met him
Sharing my stories in excitement.

My Friend,
You were there when I graduated
Sharing my pride and experience.


My Friend,
You weren’t there when he dumped me,
Leaving me in hurt and sadness.
You weren’t there when I lost my job,
Leaving me in the dark and helpless.
You weren’t there to protect me,
Leaving me in loneliness.

Thank You, My Friend…
For sharing in my happiness & leaving in my sorrows,
For you have made me realise….
Not to call you ‘MY FRIEND’ again.

A Friend So Dear…

Having such a wonderful friend so dear
And make me smile whenever you’re near
Zip out all the worries throughout the rain
Even stand tall in spite of pain
Like you to know how you’re so dear, so I made a poem for you my dear.

Proud to have a friend like you
And I hope you feel the same way too
Let’s stay as a good friend for life
Throughout each day of our life
And promise that were never part
Or it will surely break my heart….

My Friend

God is so kind to give me a friend like you.
Like the way you make me smile with your silly jokes.
Even though sometimes you annoy me with your naughty jokes.
Not for such a long time we’ve known each other,
Newly found good friend that I couldn’t ask for another…

As each days of my life passes by
Somehow, you’ve touched my heart.
Sometimes I feel I’ve known you for so long.
Understands you more and more.
Not good looking but nice person is what you are to me.
Cherish all the wonderful friendship that we share
In your own simple way, you showed me how you care.
Or maybe at times you don’t even really care… you dare!
None of it matters my friend, as long as I have you here with me…

A Friend Is

I have a friend,
Who really cares for me.
He cries when I cry,
He smiles when I smile.

When I am not with him,
It seems like hell.
When I am with him,
It seems like heaven.

I always want to see him with him me,
But can’t understand y do we fight so often.
Will we be together,
or our ways will apart forever.

But i pray to god,
Tht plz give me,
This friend forever,
What if we had a huge fight,
But we were together holdings our hands tight.

And now i wish
may he be with me
Till my death bed………….

Why God Made Friends

god made the world
with heart full of luv
then he looked down
from the heaven above
and saw that we all
need a helping hand
someone to share with
who will understand
he made special people
to see us through
during the glad times
and sad time too
a person on whom
we can always depend
someone we call..
it is “FRIEND”
god made friend so
we will take a part
of his/her perfect love
in all our heart