Friendship Poems - Page 5

The Love of Family and Friend’s

Trapped in challenges and sadness
difficulties came in wave
seemed like it’s so hard
to break free
life ever since has been
a constant struggle
with inner conflick
with the voice that
want so much to give up
feel most in control
reached a new ground zero of life
i did crawl back up
holding on
to a little strength i had left
drawn upwards by the love of my family
the unwavering loyalty of friends
it was thier braves smiles of hope
through thier unspoken reassurance
that i found the courage
to let fear in
feel it tingle into my finger tips
and then let it go.

Appreciation To A Friend

With passion and disbelief
can’t imagine i had a chance
to meet someone like you
you are famous
you has the world at your feet
but you make it understandable
that you are only human
you approaches me with your down earth
the warm of your friendship
to me is portrait
i enjoy viewing it with admiration
to experience moments
the path i’d never hoped
you listened to what i had to say
you give me the chance to tell you
how i feels
made everything much more possitive
in all honesty
you friendship mean a lot to me.

Rhythm – Friends Apart

Was that really you
of all the voices
i expected to hear
yours came as a complete surprise
where have you been
for all those years
or has it been just months
perhaps even days
it’s so hard to keep track of anything
yet alone time
when upon my ears
your voice falls not
when the passion run long
and two bodies come together
like pounding drums
the beat of the rhythm
was carried away on the wind
as the sounds of two becoming one
rang throughout the night
now remind me again
where it was you went
why in the blink of one eye
i was left alone with your bestfriend
was barely a friend at all
but rather as stick used
to beat out the rhythm
against the sound of the night
who when you finished
with was left alone
to struggle through each days light
listening to the sounds
of two bodies coming together
like pounding drums
that will never play again.

To The Ones That Always There

I love the things that are made of
for real life
i’ve known many lovely faces
infront of me
but how could i say no
to the ones that always there
though i’ve yet to say hello in person
how could i say it’s hopeless dream
to a smile that dont let go
i can’t play safe all the time
but i try not to be a fool
and throw good things right out
of the window
through distance is where we meet
the fact that i don’t really know you
but from a distance i can’t let go
how could i don’t appreciate
the ones that always there
running in front of me
reaching out to share
giving such comfort and strength
how could i say you’re not for real
when i feel your touch and embrace so warm
the kindness and prayers
for every words you send to me
that put a smile on my face
though we’re apart
in between you and i
when i don’t feel you close to me
the imagination that you bring each day
is something i really need
so how could i not miss
the ones that always there
how important it could be
reinforced by hopes that anything is possible
as we’ve often proved
how much i am loved
the endless feeling that i have from the bottom of my heart
thank you for opening the door
i wish to stay in your heart
and to return it
and to be remembered for the simple things we shared
my hands will know what tomorrow’s bring but i hope for the best
and hold on to the dreams
each time i saw you smiling back at me
is the simplest things
that remind me of what life truly means.

Jordan and Melody

So many things for me to write about
so many phrases to coin
the sweetness and peace of your names
how i almost turn away
from the things i see
sometimes i feel so alone
as though everything is against me
i feel as though so far to go
to find any kind of happiness
sometimes i dont even know
inside my soul
i end up at the last place
i’d never think to go
only to find there a forever friend
Jordan and Melody
when i look into your eyes
i couldn’t win
your eyes that softly said
i shouldn’t worry
that one day soon
you will be there when i fall
it will be your hands to protect me
it’s you my child
that tell’s my mind and heart
to always cling to a dream
the mother,child and best friends relationship we have
that say’s “don’t give up hope”
though things can hurt and impossible
before it even comes
surely one day it won’t just be a dream.

I And You

Trying to sip
every sweet drop of your love
before it fades away
so amazed how quickly life slip away
just because it’s day doesn’t see
a smile
a look
even a glance
doesn’t mean two friend’s
has no longer have a chance
do i have to see my friend’s everyday
do we have to speak everyday
for us to be still be so
I and you
for as we’ve often proved
a friend never has to be near
a friend always need to be.


What does it mean
to bring words of comfort
to someone in need
when a friend is hurting
what does it mean
to be the one they can turn to
to ease the pain
when you look at a reflection
and see only youself
what does it mean to have a good laugh
when all you really feel like
is letting tears flow
isn’t it so easy
to listen to and help
anothers pain and sorrow
lay out assurance
the sun will bring a better tomorrow
what does it mean
to give such words of advice
that the light of today
will wipe away yesterday’s darkness
when we can never seem to look
in our own eyes
never seem to listen
the words we give out
so much more content to live with our doubt
why is it we can bring
words of comfort
to someone in need
yet find it hard
to comfort ourselves.

Net Friends

Never before could imagine
how easy it could be
to fall for a smile
you’ve yet to see
never before could imagine
hearing voice
that made heart so glad
it had a choice
how could it be
to like someone so much
you’ve yet to meet
yet to touch
to look forward to sleep
and hope to dream
of an inspiration
so fresh and new
to hear a yes from a no
and have hope revived
that smile you saw
could perhaps be for you
and go thru the day
searching for a words to say
thank you for letting me in your life
i hope to earn a place in your heart
that would allow me to stay
to find when each new day begin to start
it’s your eyes that are looking back at me.

Let The Earth Gets Changed, If She Wants

Change the poem, change the line,
change the meaning, change the rhyme,
change the outcome change the plan,
change the mood,

But you do not get changed, my man.

Change your looks, change your smile,
change your going, stay awhile,
change your present, change your time,
change your future,

But stay be mine

Penchant of Friendship

Now and Then I longed
For something I was oblivious
I bemused, I frowned
My God, was it obvious.

Gloomy I was, muddled I was
The subtle melancholy I do hate
A new day came into the sight
Brightened daybreak, enlightened my fate.

Behold a new breeze
Miraculous and alight
Rekindled and rejuvenated me
And made me say “I am alive”.

My writing and my juvenilia
Though very succinct and meager
Let me juxtapose this friendship
For I am desperate and eager.

Penchant of friendship, those morning wishes
They are for me an invaluable chronicle
Oh God, I thank thee
You gave me a morning miracle.