Friendship Poems - Page 4


The telephone beeped
a text came through
i saw it was from you
fear set in
i was afraid to look
fear it could have been
a final words yes
but more than that
fear i might begin to hope
after falling so deep and taking so long
to learn how not to hurt
i’d finally begun to cope
or so i thought
untill your text came through
how do i look
or just sit the phone down and walk away
getting over love you learn to do
but does getting over hope even exist
you were an uncontrolled fall
i coudn’t stop
my feelings flowed
and my heart poured out
you’re words were kind
nothing has harsh
your leaving in my fall
just how things turn out
now i see that the phone flashing
with a text from you
do i hope or begin to doubt
as i’ll reach out i’ll just…..

Submitted by clairvoyantdestiny (Jhoyce).

What Is The Joy Behind A Smile We Barely Know

What is the joy behind a smile
we barely know
how is it in a short while
so many feelings flow
we often concern our selves
with taking things slow
believing time will answer
what we feel we need to know
often theres also times
thinking out smart ourselves
hiding from view
what is simply there
people tend to advice
of what they know
how can they say
of a smile they dont see
that was shared between you and me
in times in matters such as these
theres only two we need to please
theres only two that that need
to see and listen well
so i say to hell with others cares
if what we see is there
let you and i discover
what is the joy
behind a smile we barely know.

Submitted by clairvoyantdestiny (Jhoyce).


A daisy that lived,a daisy i loved
the honey that combs out
the dew drops that lay besides
the thorns that seered through my heart
the child lay asleep after a stormy night
the solitude it begets,an emotion
the roots decide on a long journey
am i not glad,o goldilocks
the daisy i saw was me.


Two Of Us

Well,lookie here
at the two of us
living inside our private hell
all the passion of the night
can’t carry us through the day
so many words we have
we both afraid to say
as long as we both afraid to say
as long as we touch
and seldom speak
touch our lips
let the passion of our embrace hide away
all we want to face
as we both question
is life the way we wanted
or just the way it is
what happened to our long ago
when everything we sought to know
the time we had each other
never cease to flow
where was it along the way
i know our passion keep us here
but do we find a way to care
how do we find our answer to
life the way we wanted
or just the way it is

Submitted by clairvoyantdestiny (Jhoyce).

Paint The Big Picture

Your deep emotionality
is your own worse enemy
you can be a self righteous
perfectionist as well
as moody and judgmental
you’re over whelming guilt
and worry continue
sometimes i just can’t find
what else to say when
you moan and gramble
about how you feel
battered by life
how you caught up
in the needeness and self doubt
to drive you invaded
you’re so wishy-washy
about your emotions
you’re self contered
and irresponsible when bored
and things dont go your way
yes my friend
i can be very cruel
in pointing out the truth
and no,it’s not that
i dont support you
and you know that you’ll
always have my shoulder
right here when you needed it
whatever the case
theres nothing i want more
than for you to be happy
and satisfied.

Submitted by clairvoyantdestiny (Jhoyce).

Let Your Feeling Out

So you say you have to wonder
maybe theres your answer
it can’t be made known
how one feels about your heart
perhaps to search your own
it might be time to do
take a look at the mirror
look it dead in the eye
see all the beauty there
if youre really the one
who wants to scream and shout
let your feeling out
maybe theres your answer
to say you suppose
but you dont know
is that really the way
it’s true we’ve barely met
who am i to say
but in the hours that we spent
i paid attention
on the care you share
and i stand unashamed
to you friend
let the whole world know
i wish we were so much more
so if you have to wonder
if you have to doubt
if drama prevent a whisper
from turning into shout
maybe theres your answer
if the only thing i say
then listen will i pray
dont ever settle for someone
who doesn’t know what to say.

Submitted by clairvoyantdestiny (Jhoyce).

Been A Friend To Me

You ain’t done a thing
but been a friend to me
you’ve heard my hellos
said them back to me
you’ve always had
a kind words
no matter what’s been said
you’ve open your arms
and came to me
you know you’re such a friend
you ain’t done a thing
but been a friend to me
you’ll always have my heart
right there in the
palm of your hand
even though i understand
you ain’t done a thing
but been a friend to me.

Submitted by clairvoyantdestiny (Jhoyce).


Friend…!? When I slept, Someone guarding my Dreams,
When I ride, Someone’s words are moving with me,
When I read, Someone’s thoughts encourage me,
What ever I do, Someone’s eyes follow me,
FRIEND! Aren’t you that Someone…?

Submitted by ravan.

Should There Be Times

Should there be times
you sit and ponder
search your heart
begin to wonder
should there be times
you think of days
long gone past
remember the ways
we use to last
should there be times
you laugh out loud
over things we once did
and you let laughter fill the air
know too will i
should there be times
the world seem small
just from the memories
of how we did it all
those will be times
we’re together once again
just you and i
with our best friends
those will be times
when loves live on
truth will hide
and for a short time
we’ll reign again
those will be times
when horses running wild
will be you and i
for those short times
will both forget
why it was you up and left.

Submitted by clairvoyantdestiny (Jhoyce).

So Many Friends, So Few To Trust

So many friend’s
so few to trust
ain’t it a sad and funny thing
as life goes on
the more we think
the less we know
why are so afraid to let us grow
what happened to the days
when what you said
was about you’d do
when a smile
was done face to face
not behind your back
the more we progress
the further we get behind
how long will we stieve
quick pace through our life
trying to get ahead
only to realize
we’re not even there yet
we make fun for simple times
when we held onto our belief
no longer do we cherish
what brought us to where we are
instead a new light
condemns neither wrong or right
as the fools we are forget
you can’t have one without the other
so many friends
so few to trust
ain’t it sad and funny thing.

Submitted by clairvoyantdestiny (Jhoyce).