Friendship Poems - Page 3

Circle Of Friends

Friendship are an important
source of support
there are some who are more
scrupulous and honorable than others
our lives usually resolves
around several sets of friends
the group of childhood
friends we grew up with
school mates whom we bonded
with our exam student life
friends from the works
whom we grew close with in
the source of working together everyday
along the way we also picked up
other friends whom we “clicked”
with our finger tips
this friendships coexist
efforlessly and we go
to different sets of friends
for different needs
however,there are instances
when we tend to gravitate
a certain group more
at different stages of our lives
navigating through the trials
and tribulations of friendships
would naturally foster a strong bond
especially if our
personalities match and
we have common interests
and before we know it
a simple friendships
has blossomed into a solid friendship.

Someone Like You

It’s great to be friend
with someone like you
who understand what i do
It’s great to be friend
with someone like you
who have faith and trust in me
an absolute no body
it give the confidence that i needed
It’s great to be friend
with someone like you
i may not be your perfect friend
because i am a human being
there are maybe many things
we disagree but we both proved
that love is blind and lies
in the eyes of the beholder
It’s good to be friend
with someone like you
your friendship is a gift
i will always treasure
with all my heart.

Get Up

Don’t let ur hopes drown
with a piece of sadness from past
let her gone n passed from ur life
just be sure
in every step u’ve never being alone
GOD is always be with u
gave HIS love n everything
get up……!!!!
be the real u like before
coz u still have me here
n i’ll give my loyalty to stay with u
to get new days in ur life
with new hopes
against all the sadness
be struggle….
dont make me disappointed

……………….remove ur wound……

What’s Fit In An Oleh Shoe Box

A photograph
two quarters and a dime
a half written note
a set of tags
a few keys and credit cards
driver’s license and I.D.
surprising what’s fit in an oleh box
a few clothes trewn together
some will pressed
an old threwn sneakers
and well polished shoes
a mind full of memories
a room full of emptiness
no doubt the room will be filled again
the box handed over
and the memories lived
i’d just rather not
be holding these tags
through the silence laughter
echoes the days we knew
how with hair on fire
how high we flew larger than life
now within my hands and what i hold
so much more is told
than a few items in a box
for what lies
within is life well lived
cut much too short
for a greater cause
so surprising it is
what’s fit in an oleh shoebox
i’d just rather not
be holding this tags
and damn my friend
i so want you back.

For People To See Eye To Eye

What do you think it will take
for people to see eye to eye
funny how we all seek the same thing
yet somehow never agree
funny how we never heard
but expect to be understood
sad how we react to words
without ever knowing their why
how we choose to ignore
the hurt and fear in another’s eyes
while covering up our own
each struggling to outdo
we’re all the while striving
reaching for the very same thing
ignoring the way we’re living
we prevent the light for being seen
when the wind blows
it touches us all the same
just like when its rains
sunlight touches no one more
there is no discrimination
when heart and hunger pains
a man once tried to imagine
and for a moment the word sang along
but soon words were forgotten
lost in each other’s pride
funny how that works
when we each try to hide
bury the question deep inside
until it quiet moment all alone
feeling rise again
and quiet we whisper
what do you think
it will take my friend
for people to see eye to eye.

I So Value Our Time Together

A girl needs her friends
to gossip with
to share her worries with
and to have fun with
nothing takes the place of my friends
yes,i do enjoy your company
because i so value our time together
open my eyes to simply see you
to hear all the words
you think i want to hear
when you launches into a full
of exposition about
how great those things for you
but strange though it sounds
sometimes i felt annoyed
by your complaint
and the words you spill out
how you completely
overlook my feelings
and are clueless about
whatever it is you’re talking
and because i so value our time
now,i’m wondering
whether should i have said something
when you makes loaded demands
you know,when i said you’re a friend
it’s not about treasure’s or wealth
to prove your worth
so theres no need to succumb
into a comparing preasure
because i so value our time together
i say this with care
i always have your best
interest at heart
and i love you to bits
but i think your high expectations
of me for you cut me no slack at all
and all about your fears
about not measuring up
rather than how i dont measure up.

What and who I am

Today i thought my life has ended
when i heard the words you said
spoke so calmly without emotion
that put me in place
i’ve seen to many times before
till i realize each time
i felt my heart was dead
was when new life actually begun
with break of heart
each touch of pain
comes a cleansing rain
sowing the seed of a new life
giving birth to realizing
that percieve temporary loss
lies not within me
but in those who choose
to walk away
it comes with realizing
while i’m not GOD
nor his greatest gift
i have more to offer
than most take time to know
and what and who i am
and i am becoming to be
offers something very special
to those who take the time
to know the real me
so while i’m not perfect
by any means
when someone walks away
it’s not the death of me
it’s merely the beginning
of new life as i’m becoming
who am i supposed to be.

We long for coming day

So here we are you and i
people from different lands
having said hello
without seeing each other’s eyes
having talked without
hearing each other’s voice
having felt so much
without feeling each other’s touch
how just though our finger tips
we can grow so close
how silently through each other’s word
we say we long for the coming day
we first say hello you and i
in different lands
yet standing on the same ground
unaffected by time and distance
always in each other’s thoughts
longing to possibly be
in each other’s heart
so now the question is
when do say hello
is it done over there or here.

The Thought Of Love

The thought of love can be so fleeting
oh yet so enduring all i know is
if i have the privilege
to win your heart
i’d do all i could not to lose it
or let it fade away
so many times i see some foolish
let such preciousness
slip through the grasp
not realising what they hold
why is it they always feel
that just over there
not to get to know you is a better fit
something so much more
than they already have
and good lord why is it
when they ask for another chance
they are welcome back with open arms
why doesn’t one realise
if they were once true poorly
they will soon be again to be shut down
from saying hello
for one to try
an ignoring an old friend again
is a curious thing
makes you wonder why and how
the thought of love
can be so fleeting
yet oh so enduring.

Wishing Star

Funny how we remember
the things we never knew
how the rain came pouring down
when clouds filled not the sky
how we trust in each other
before we even met
oh,you can rest asured
that it’s a damn good bet
you and i will oneday
sit and wonder why
we never said good bye
before we said hello
sometimes thunder rises
making rivers flow
we just ride along
hoping to touch a shore
where we can plant some roots
finally call our home
watch our frog of lifting
to give us a clearer view
of things we thought we knew
times they are coming
when we’ll be alone again
staring on our wishing star
regreting what should have been
sitiing with our wonder
we werent more than friends
each time the rain comes
pouring down with no doubth in the sky
were sit and wonder of the love we never knew.