Friendship Poems - Page 2

True Friendship…

Friends play a vital role in our lives.
They influences us strongly.
Having friends with negative traits
Will eventually drag us down.
On the other hand.
Having friends
With positive characteristics.
Like loyal and trustworthiness.
Someone who think of you.
When things are not going well for you.
Is a friend indeed.
And will definitely have
A positive effect on our lives.
Now.don’t you agree that it is of great
Importance to choose our friends wisely?
Remember.don’t be fooled
By the first impressions.
When making new friends.
Open your eyes when choosing new friends.
choose friends who will always be there
for you through thick and thin.
Look for those who will divine
Your sorrows and multiply your joy.
If you find them
Keep them for they are a true friends.
Consider yourself lucky.
Because a true friend.
Is a greatest possession.
I am lucky.
I have found my true friends.

Trouble Gals

To rock, to shock, we are back again
We are waves, we are storm stop us if u can

Whoever you are we will make you fool
We wanna show that if we want we will rule

We have magic in our eyes
You can see that from sunrise

We are smart we are brainy
We’ll move out if it’s rainy

Wherever we will go we will rock that place
We are wild gals and the music will raise

All I can say we are he queens of the world
Don’t get mad we know you’ve heard.


There’s nothing like
Having a good and real friend
And keeping albums
With pictures of you
And you’re friends
Each time you look at it
You’ll be transform back
Those good times
Friendship is like romance
You can engage in it
But you can’t force it
Some friends will only hang around
For a certain time frame
But there are those who last
A life time…No matter
What stage of life
You are at
They will always be there.

Good Hearted Friend

Happy that i’d found you
A real friend
Is what you are
A companion where
There has risen need
With whom to walk
With content and steadfast
You give what is hard to give
You do what is hard to do
You’re a good friend yet again
A friend who offers good counsel
A friend in both sorrow and joy
Yes my friend
You are a real friend
You are a refuge to me
When i am afraid
I will always cherish and serve
Our friendship
Just as a mother
Tend to her only child
From you i learn
The way i had not learnt before
For this reason
I will always know
That nothing compares our friendship
We enjoy both hospitality and respect
It’s like a fruit of that
Which we sown we will both enjoy.

You Are Special

You’re that special kind of a friend that everyone wishes they could have
I always know when we’re apart
that we’re still close,
and when we’re together our time will be spent
enjoying it to the fullest.
It’s not everyone that can have a special friend like you
I’m proud to say that I do..

Two Best Friend

Oh my friend
How could you listen to my voice
When you can no longer hear
It’s hard not to see you
Even though i know right where you are
I miss you all the times
We laid side by side
As i poured out my heart
And you listened without a word
For so many years
You were my best friend
Help to calm my fears
All things i laid upon your ears
All the tears your shoulder felt
Were match only by laugh
We carry each other through
Good times and bad
Just on the strength of love
Though i know just where you are
And visit everyday
I truly miss your eyes
And wish you could hear my voice
As i felt your touch again
It doesn’t matter
What life brings our way
Now,i’ll always remember
How you were there for me
Pouring rain,freezing snow
Or blazing sun
Two best friends always know
The love and bond we felt
That will never fade away
Sometimes it’s hard knowing
I can’t see your eyes
And you can’t hear my voice
Even though i know right
Where you are
But my Dear best friend
The love we had
Still remain the same
And that will never die.

Solid Friendsip

Yes!my friend
Our relationship
Turns out pretty much
Deeper than the
Surface of our skin
Both of us
Have grown naturally
To fully appreciate
This friendship
Thrust upon us
The significance
Of our rule
Is indisputable
We have done
This give and take
We have learned
To celebrate
Our differences
While we may have
Differing views
But we are essentially means
We have learned
Not just to tolerance
We learned that there are
No winners between us
We know exactly
Who we are
And what we do
If our fire is fuelled
By a few seemingly feeble
Words of affirmation
From unlikely bunch of people
So be it
It is after
We have the priviledge
Of being able to say
“Hey!”we allowed each other
To believe in ourselves
And we touched our lives.

You’re Always Be My Friend

You’re the one who’s there for me
With reassuring hug
I owe to you at least
There are times i wish
I can be the friend
Who can give you more that you deserve
But i’m thankful that your my friend
That’s just the way it is
I’m over joyed and grateful
To you sticking by me
You’re an incridible friend
That’s just the way it is
You’re very real and loyal
What would i do
If it all ended tomorrow
Well…there’s nothing else
I can actually do
If it all ended tomorrow
But in my heart
You’re always be my friend
That’s just the way it is.

Perfect Stranger

Do i know you?
The First question I asked you,
I don’t know you,
But here I am talking to you.

I keep throwing question,
trying to get to know you,
And you answered back,
seems like,You like to get to know me too.

Day by day our conversation
starting to grew,
And all this started
on a simple question,
Do i know you?

Days past by and I realized
I’m not talking to a stranger no more.
Perhaps I’m talking to a person that i can call a FRIEND!

Highly Tunes Friendship

As someone says
do what you are good at
and let others do the best
it is people character
that really shows who they are
many people judge others
by their physical appearance
race and religion
but do you remember
how we met
it happens over night
not intended but
we magically grew closer
and before we know it
we love each other more
some people say we’re different
to that point yes!
we’re different but
the same in many ways
as we’ve often proved
i like you,as you like me
and i’m confortable with you
it’s not about submitting
to my viewpoints
nor it is about trying
to convert you to my side
i know for fact
that i have nothing much to offer
like expensive gifts
but knowing you’re always
there through good times and bad
there’s nothing i want more
and thank’s to our
highly tunes friendship.