Friendship Poems

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Forever … U & Me

Wantd 2 write smthg 4 u ..
Kpt on thinkg wat 2 do ??
Neithr v hv known long ..
Nor did v tok oftn πŸ™
Bt does tat mattr !!
Hw mch I lv u <3 Isn’t really a wondr πŸ˜‰ Ystday or tomorw,, whr evr,, far away .. Thr in my heart,, beby u’l stay πŸ™‚ Sm relatns do grow ovr tym .. Ours is bit excptn ~ indeed spcl :* Ur swtness worth millions of dime !! Who cares hw lil v wre togthr :/ No questn no doubt u’r alwz myn πŸ˜€ Lik a mirage in desrt <3 Ur wrds touchd me swthrt πŸ™‚ Distnc nd tym may tk dre ride :’( Wteva happns ,, nw n foreva .. * * U wl find me by ur side * *

Naughty and Nice

Near, far and even if you need to ride a ferry boat.

Blue is her favorite color.
Unbelievable that she can makes me laugh
Loves eating ‘Lumpia and gulaman’
Always there when you need a friend
Open for some good advice
Naughty and nice to be just beside with…


Dosti ka rista hota hai khas ,
Jo hota hai her kisi ke pas .
Jo deti hai har kadam par sath,
Wahi dosti hoti hai khas.
Milte hai jeevan me khbhi khushi khabhi gam,
Par scchi dosti khbhi nhi hoti kam .
Bhul kar bhi nhi bhul sakte hum ye nata,
Sdha yadhao me rhata hai ye nata,
Riste nate sab ho jate hai bekar ,
Par dosti rahti hai sdha barkrar.
Yahi bat dosti me hoti hai khas ,
Jo banati hai dosti ke riste ko khas.

Best of Friends

Band leader of 99%
Everyone loves to hear you sing
Nice to have a friend like you
Jackson 7 fun’s club founder
And my director, fashion adviser
My father, brother, best friend
I miss eating fried chicken
Now that we can no longer have food trip together.

Helping each other finish each other sentences
Enjoys each other’s company
Just like playing PSP, Xbox and FB games
Always loves to drink Iced tea
Sometimes you’re late playing Casino games
Thank you for teaching me how to play slot-machine
Remember that I’m here for you
Over with our charitable work but our friendship will last forever.

Choosing Loving And Positive Friends!

Even though one’s friends
Are important in life
What is the point of hanging on friend
With a sharp tongue
That sharper than a sword
And who shamelessly wear a mask
What is the point of hanging onto friend
Who cannot juts be friend
And have a load of negative
Attitude towards you and
Cannot consider where-how-and what
In matter of truths but represents
A symbol of friendship
To be going down to ground zero
What is the point of hanging onto friend
Who can’t say thank’s to good things
And while you say
I care…I hope you too
Only to hurt yourself
And she want you to be is
To go along of what she wants and say
What is the point on hanging onto friend
Who gave no importance of
The friendship that you know
And every now and then
Nothing but an oxygen thief and
Only hurts and lie…

So Sad It Is…

What is it when people
You thought were friends
Who got out of your way
For turn out not to be
What you envisioned
So sad it is
You go out of your way
To help a friend
When they turn around
Bitting with barred teeth
Burning a bridge
Without care or need
Sad to admit
It’s the human way
To be short sighed
Ignoring the big picture
Of what is there or what could be
You do a friend a favor
Providing opportunity
For them to shine
To accomplished something
Then previously lived
Only in their mind
And thanks you get
Are ingratitude and false
Accusations made
It’s hard a thing
To go through life
Without feeling touch
Of cold hard jade
It’s a sad thing to admit
When mistakes friend show
It’s the human way
Such a sad.sad thing indeed.

Thank You…I Am grateful

I thank you my friend
That you’re the one I call upon
for and an honest ear
When the sun seem never shine on me
I thank you my friend
From going beyond to some extend
Not just “BE” the same friend
But better one
Who always willing
To take time out
From your own life for me
I thank you my friend
For the love and understanding
Your kindness ans sincerity
Yes my friend
You’re a wonderful human being
Original and unique
Who always make my heart and mind happy
You filled everything
That I ever need
A friend for many ever so perfectly
Thank you…thank you my friend
I am grateful!

Friend 4ever

You are my friend
On which I can depend.
You are the closest person to my heart
I will never try to break your heart
You make me feel delight
When my mood says to fight
I can bare anything for my dear
But cant bear when u fear
I will stand for you any time and place
Whether someone is with you or only god grace
I really respect you from my heart
Will keep you happy even I have to sell my part
If you are with me I feel I am in heaven
If you are far I feel somebody took me away from my dear pal
All I want to say is that we are close friends
For ever forever and forever

A True Life Long Friend

Two old friends
That when they first met
They hated each other
Friendship they would never let
But as time and years went by
They found a way to tolerate
And before they knew or would admit
They had each another depend upon
As their youth scape them both
They found in their weakness
A strength.a comfort.a knowledge
Of what bond can be truly is
Towards the end they held each other up
Provided company to what turn out
To be a life long friend
Now as one grumble of moan lost
The other sleeps safe in knowing
They closed their eyes
Next to what the other seeks
A true life long friend.

I Will Be There For You

I will be there for you
nothing can overcome my loyalty
when you seek strong arms
to keep out the cold.cruel world
I will be there for you
there’s no end of my loyalty
I’m capable and brave
and I will never let you down
when things get really dismal
I will be there for you
You’ll find a tower
of strength and refuge and
I will shower you
with lot’s of attention
I will tell a joke to get you to laugh
I’ll gently smooth away your worries
I will be there for you
with my sensible support
and my rich humour
and my eyes is beautiful with
the moon magic you remember
I will be there for you
a true friend who make believe…