Family Poems

You And Me This And That

Looky her
It’s the same ole give and take
You and me.this and that
Same ole ball of wax
Hiding under a different hat
Ah.looky here
Another year same ole game
We always play
Time comes and goes
All the words we say we know
When we dance there’s no leads
Memory knows every step
It always seem to serve us well
We fidget here and there
Seeking ways not to cares
But when trouble brews
We’re the first one standing there
Passion ebbs and flows
People come and go
We move on knowing that
We always know ain’t that
What family’s are for
Here we go again it’s the ole
Give and take some ole ball of wax
Hidding under a different hat
We both know the reasons why
We’re so quick to deny
Though their running out
And new ones a harder to come by
With you and me this and that
It’s the same ole give and take.

Its The Same Old You And Me

There’s not a whole lot happening here
That we haven’t seen before
It’s the same words we always hear
Trying to open the same old doors
You’d think there’s be something different
Something would have had to change
But it same old you and me
That we both know just will never be
Round and round till we come back again
Maybe this time hoping to see a change
When you ask me how I felt
I just gonna say
But the words stumble around
And could never quiet find their way
You smiled and pretended to
But our eyes they really knew
Just will never be
Someone looking on
Might think we really care
We’ve even fooled ourselves
A couple of time but
When the light of the day
Comes shining through
It’s always so bright and clear
It’s the same old you and me
Just the same old you and me

Before We Even Blink

Amazing what time gets done
With it being so fleet
Is there anything you and I
Can say or do
To avoid looking back
We look at time
As though doesn’t exist
And right before our eyes
Before we can even blink
It’s left us standing here
Wondering where it went
How could have it spent
On such foolishness you and I
It didn’t even say goodbye
Look at all the things it’s done
Healed the hurt and brought love back
It change the way we look
Brought us people different homes
So many things that have come and gone
How did it so much going by so fast
Turning our moments into our past
Just amazing what time gets done
With it being so fleet
We’ve barely move out feet
Yet live a life
With so many years behind us now
That let us wondering how
Our today’s become yesterday
Before we even blink.

Just Bring That Smile-You Have Right Now

I came to you just like
You said you wanted me
If I ever needed an ear and shoulder
To help pull me through
But as you listen to my words
I saw blankness in your eyes
And I knew you no longer cared
I had waited too long
Somehow what you had said was gone
I don’t blame you at all
This all falls one on me
I’m the one who put off
Whatever we could be
How many times can an open heart plead
Swing open it’s door
To have them ignored
Too late to ask that now
The outside handle’s been broken
And no longer exist
Too much silence without one kiss
But I’m truly glad new light there
When you mention a name
As a telephone rings
I can hear in your voice
Everything I wish
And should have put there don’t hang up
Stay happy and say hello for me
I’ll slip away with errands to run
I’ll say you another day
And we’ll chat real soon
Just bring that smile
You have right now…

Did I Ever!

I have to ask cause
I often wonder did i ever
Did i ever just let you down
I thought i tried
Did the best i could
So much i’d do if i only would
I’d turn back time
Take the walk again
And do it right
But now it comes to night
Alone with the darkness closing in
I often wonder did i ever
Did i ever just let you down
Looking back on choices made
I see such foolish mistakes
Some you were blinded
Some you recognized
Some we both try to deny
But there are nonetheless
Though i would give my life
Do all i can to see you smile
And succeed i often wonder did i ever
Did i ever just let you down
Yes i know you are so kind
As you say no one
Could have done a better job
But i often wonder did i ever
Did i ever let you down.

My Parents

My parents are my gift from god
They are diamonds which sparkle always
They are my wealth which will make me rich
They are so special to me and they are my real god
Who loves me, cares me and provide me
Food, education and many other things
When I was standing unknowingly,
They showed me the path and light
When I was new to the surroundings
They taught me about the world, and
Showed me the places I didn’t expect in my life
They helped me to learn many unknown things.
Whenever I went wrong they corrected me
Whenever I done a mistake they made me comprehend
Whenever I cried they consoled me
Whenever I quarreled with someone they calmed me,
and asks me to apologize than to regret later.
Soon I learnt many things regarding relation from them
This made me realize that I am an important person
They told me that the world is waiting for me
They inspired me with many books to read
They grew courage in me to withstand many things
They encouraged me to achieve many things in my life
They made me feel I am special and precious to them
They helped me to created many new things
Their support was the syrup which gave me strength
Their caring is the secret behind every success in me.
These things made me love them more and more
Therefore I conclude by saying once again that
My parents are my gift from god

Miss My Past

I never forget those school days
i always go with my best friend
holding her shoulder and chatting
with her is the best life forever
going to school with her was fast
coming back was more fun,specially
eating popsicale in summer time
or eating some little treats
we talk and laugh till we reach home
sometimes our teacher were very strict
sometimes sweet and funny
i come home and do my home work
eat my mom’s made food and sherbat
my sister help me with math and english
she made me smart and direct me on right path
sometime i play little games and bedminton
sometimes i go for a long walk with my street friend
we all sleep on the roof in the summer
we chat and fall asleep and sun wakesus up in morning
my sister makes breakfast with mom
i eat and go to college with my sister
we share and hear eachother
sometimes happy and sometimes unhappy
we both ride a bike and study
sometimes get good marks,sometimes less
but we never giveup hope
now those days pass and we all live for
no more sister makes me breakfast
no talk,no same old friends,no more
same life,they were past
and i miss my past
cause it was just wonderful


Tomorrow smile at someone
that you’ve never seen before
take time to think of others that
you feel compassion for.

Tomorrow tell somebody
how they brighten up your day
let random acts of kindness
put your feeling on display.

Tomorrow hug your children
somewhat tighter than before
be sure to think of all the
things you can be thankful

pat you dog a little longer
hug and kiss your husband/wife
thank your god for granting
you another day of life.

The Love of Family and Friend’s

Trapped in challenges and sadness
difficulties came in wave
seemed like it’s so hard
to break free
life ever since has been
a constant struggle
with inner conflick
with the voice that
want so much to give up
feel most in control
reached a new ground zero of life
i did crawl back up
holding on
to a little strength i had left
drawn upwards by the love of my family
the unwavering loyalty of friends
it was thier braves smiles of hope
through thier unspoken reassurance
that i found the courage
to let fear in
feel it tingle into my finger tips
and then let it go.