Dream Poems

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Everytime I Think

whenever i think
whatever i think
wherever i think
always i think

24 hours and 7 days
all 60 minutes and
all 60 seconds
alltimes i think.

when i am ill
when i am healthy
when i am glad
when i am weep

when i am in silence
when i am in anger
when i am in danzer
in all desires i think..

when i am busy
when i am free
when i dont want think
i think of you forever.

My pen is gathering no words

My pen is gathering no word ;
wish to praise innocence of u
wish to admire the inner beauty of u
wish to appericiate the beauty of ur soul
but ;
My pen is gathering no words.

then pen argues to me
what would u write for an unseen
politely i smiled
said to pen
the unseen is much visible than the seen
the unseen is much adorable than seen
the unseen is much divine than seen
My pen is gathering no words
in fact pen have no word to match u
this the reason my pen is gathering no word
pen is gathering no word

Believe in Dreams

Believe in dreams when you`re alone,
When nothing makes your soul smile,
If you don`t want to speak by phone
And read by own written file.
Believe in dreams when tears are falling down,
When people hate you for unusual thought.
Believe in dreams if you`re a funny clown,
Believe like all philosophers were taught.
Believe in dreams and sun will shine so bright,
You`ll get miracles from a friendly hand.
Believe in dreams, you shouldn’t go and fight,
You`ll go with me on this way till the end.
Believe my friend in clumsy, noisy mind,
In each love story you have got inside.
Believe in me and stand in angel`s side,
You`ll see my light is wonderful and bright.

Shine in the Moonshine

Shine, Oh! Street, in the rain of white light.
Oh! Highway man, shine in the luminescent light.
Thieves enlightened, sinuous thoughts swayed away,
by the wave of joy thou sway.
Bess! Rise! End this slumber.
Noyes to imprint a new story of the grave yard.
The Highway man wandering on his stallion,
this time, not a ghostly meet but a real union.
The soldiers fast asleep,
the highway man in his historic quest.
This time, no gunfire,
and never that sorrowful alarm.
Bess! Wake up! There is a halo of hope,
for the lovely union of hearts, there is scope.
The frog croaking,
the mantis in its usual praying posture,
all praying for this legendary ever awaited union,
swinging with you to begin days in halcyon.
The soldiers sleeping in their graves.
No General this time, to make them awake.
The cricket and the frog engaged in their request.
Soft sweet words whispered into his ears,
and then a historic embrace.
Latent became the whispered words,
in the natural cry of request,
to deafen the envious ears,
in the union a hindrance.

Only Bess and the highway man in the moon shine,
a torrent swaying the dust into every envious eyes.
Together, riding the historic stallion,
merge themselves in your shine.
A new liberation, a new inspiration,
in the dream of mine.

The Scorpion

Slowly, I creep into your thoughts,
bringing about a transformation,
Then, I reign over your senses,
controlling your actions.

Slowly I spread my poison,
you develop my induced stings,
by developing sanguivorous instincts.
you throw your nation to the winds,
by extending hands to the fiends,
drawing all national virtues and treasures
into your own treasury,
camouflaging yourself with a mask,
which you call it as politics.
It is me creeping into your nation
In a national scale,
bringing about your destruction.

With my mission accomplished,
I leave you poisoned,
both in your spirits and actions,
by my poisonous stings,
bearing on your thoughts my imprint.
Then I creep into other nations,
for my mission is
utter destruction and complete elimination,
of human population and virtues,
as I am the scorpion.

Of My Heart

Of my heart is in my heart,
Want have something to have a start,
Desire neither love nor any apart.
Want just to hear ‘n do of my heart.
Leave things which stop ‘start’.
Once I’ll close my eyes apart,
Opening want see hearing beats of my heart.
You running for me a long track,
Want see you crying’ loneliness of my heart.
Bounce or nothing I want back,
New track making is desire of my heart.
Tear, cut leave or make a crack,
For my dreams come true I’ll do all of my heart.
(c.k as oliver)

To Dear God

having you in my dreams every night
still nothing is in palm????
oh!!!!!!god can you answer my question?
you always with me
in every path of my world.my life ,my desire,
still nothing is in palm?????
it has been long time
I am waiting for fulfilling my dreams
still no success in my palm??????
but still have faith in you my lord!!!!
with the fragment of flowers,
with the silent of night,
with the freshness of morning,
one day will b mine,
all the dreams will shine