Christmas Poems

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In The Wonder Sky

in the wonder sky oh!
in the wonder sky oh!
who is coming by
he is with beard,
he always wear red clothes
and he fly over with a deer
it is like a dream
like a biscuit in a cream!
oh! i got it !
oh! i got it !
it is santa santa santa clouse
it is santa santa santa clouse
ohh! santa clouse
ohh! santa clouse
in a big sledge
with wonderful gifts
he is coming near by oh !
he is coming near by oh!
crossing the hill
crossing the streams
giving the smiles
for the little limes
who are the children
santa clouse has disturbuted the gifts
i wish him and to you all merry christmas and a happy new year.

Merry Christmas

Christmas waves a magic wands
So, much peace this festival pretends.
Christmas is celebrated all around the world,
Each one is taken hand in hand.
Whether rich or poor,
There is no cast fear.
Christmas is full of joy,
And hope for coming year to enjoy.
God was suppose to spread love on earth,
That’s why he asks Jesus to take birth.
To remove all the dishonesty,
And make the world full of festive.
Now, we wish that all of us may, celebrate this Christmas –
From – home to – home, and heart – to – heart.
May this Christmas bring us closer to each other.

Twas Is The Time For Christmas

As we gather together
Seeing one another
We roast chestnut by the fire
Sitting cozy near the fireplace
Sipping on hot chocolate
and Hot Apple Cider
Holding our love ones close to us
Waiting for the day of Christmas
Knowing it’s the birth of Our Lord
Children all nestle in their beds
Thinking of what it is gonna be like
To wake up and see beautiful gifts
Urgently trying to figure whats gonna be there
Just seeing their faces all a glow
How happy they are when they open them
Just knowing and feeling the warmth from the love
With families gathering around at Christmas time
So Have a Merry Christmas

His Nose Won’t Glow

Elfs are working,
It’s almost time.
24 hours have gone by.
Santas up loading his sled,
but oh no Rudolph nose has gone dead.
The only thing, as you know is some Christmas spirit to make his nose glow.

On the count of three all the elfs began to sing. there you go, Rudolph nose is red and all prepared for his long journey ahead.

Some Thoughts About Jesus Christ

I decorate lighting my light heart,
On a pine, Christmas tree of devotion.
Several wishes are hung in globules,
shading life in colourful dreams.

Many thoughts flicker in delight,
in glittering Sequence of dancing droplets.
Ribbons roll and flutter in breeze.
Divinity is born in huts of every heart.

A celestial chant of love, born as baby,
Smile of heaven fell in a crib of wisdom
From the deluge of ignorance, emerges,
Xavier, thunderbolt of enlightenment.

I remember you eating your last supper,
with a half lit smile on corner of your lips.
Then you left us, on the face of earth,
flowing your blood of sarcasm on us.

All of us are searching for trails you left,
High above the mountain, beyond sky,
In mysterious ocean of life and death,
We found nothing, but your compassion for all

When season changes every time on earth,
we remember seeing your face reflect its hue.
When you helped carry a cross beyond horizon,
you alone ,were carrying world to its destiny.