Christian Poems - Page 5


The heart of faith has no presumption,
It simply trusts His Word.
It stands secure, and in His Promise
Finds eternal worth.

The eyes of faith will never tire,
Though deeper gets the night;
They hope ignited by the fire
Of God’s Eternal Light.

The dreams of faith are dreams of glory;
Not earthly name or fame.
A child may write another history,
If he’s of God ne’er ashamed.

Faith will worship God forever;
For faith alone, in truth, sees Him.
Faith is an unceasing river
Of praise and worship to the King.

Faith listens and faith obeys,
Faith moves on and never stays,
Faith is strong and faith grows stronger
And never falters in His ways.

Faith offers its all to God
Not a thing to itself left;
For faith’s true rest and meaning
Are in the bosom of His chest.

Amazing Love

Amazing love of Jesus
Never minding my scarlet stains,
He holds me up in His arms of glory
And covers my heart with His unfailing grace.

The sun may despise my heart of darkness
The moon from me may cover her face.
But never has His light once failed me,
He holds me up in His heart’s embrace.

I’m wrong, not once I’ve fumed over
My heart in doubt His Name disgraced.
But still can I but love my Jesus,
My Lord, my friend, my only praise?

The stars above me hung in silence
As thoughts confusing marred my face.
Yet, deep within me was His assurance;
He’d love me through the end of days.

I’ll doubt myself, my Lord I’ll never
Who saved me by the cross of shame.
Each stripe He took, my soul delivered
Each drop of blood, my life reclaimed.

Rule My Heart!

The sun doesn’t fail to discern its east,
Neither does it wander from its west;
How meticulously, Lord, You rule the heavens!
Unfailing Lord, rule also my heart!

You give the birds their shelter,
You give the lilies their shades,
You bless this earth with dew from heaven,
O Gracious Lord, bless also my heart!

In deepest oceans, where darkness prevails,
Your mercies are constant ever;
Neither science nor fiction can ever change
What You have fixed in nature.

But, what a contrast is man!
Falsified by sin, confused in sorrow,
Childish he remains, shifted by winds around!
Each idea blown impels a reaction,
Each egoistic flow propels a revolt,
How stubbornly do these thoughts engross
A heart that’s molded by its own flames.
Diversity, how frail you are!
You can neither crawl nor stand.
For, when from Truth you were unchained,
You fell to ways that lost their path.

Let Your Truth prevail, O Lord
O’er every segment of my life!
Let Your Spirit rule over
Every space of my heart!
For these laws of nature may be dismayed,
But Your goodness endures forever!

Delay is not Denial

Once upon the tumultous shore
Of raging waves tossing by
I thought of all the worldly lore
That taunted and made me cry.

“God” they said “is just a bore”
“Who’s silent or anything but not.”
This did hurt me to the core
For I believed Him and all else not.

But then I saw the waves become a door
Of new blessings that keep pouring in.
God tarries but delays not more
Than we can take and in Him we win.

Winds of Change

‘Days have changed’ said an elder.
Crafty change takes a stealthy stride.
And even before the eyes could wonder
Supersonic change does steal the ride.
Neither allowin’ to predict nor ponder,
Another change soon whizzes by.

‘It’s Future Shock,’ said Alvin Toffler.
‘Inevitable process,’ said Harvey Cox.
‘It’s last days,’ said Paul the apostle —
On winds of change the world now rocks.
We’re living ‘midst lights and thunder,
Camera truths and lusty lies.

The tower of Babel looms sublimely higher,
Now built of neither brick nor clay.
Floors of fantasy built one upon the other
Defy the heavens in total array.
But Babel comes tumbling down asunder
And men depart as flurrying flies.

Lie is a multi-headed monster,
Unsatiated, ever-seeking some new
Fancies to placate its infernal hunger,
Spinning changes and choices not few.
As insatiable desire flares up stronger,
The hurried heat is its death-sigh.

This world of wars, wishes, and woes
Now finds in it her most fearsome foes,
Lawless winds of change on fire
Burn this world with venomous desire.
But rough winds corrode mind’s apt power
To tell the difference between truth and lie.

Truly, a vision for change t’wards the good is noble.
One must leave the wrong for right;
For fanatical falsehood breeds contagious trouble,
And falsehood can’t with falsehood fight.
Fanaticism is a blind surrender
To unchecked views that might one day die.

But, truth’s unfrightened by bullet or ink;
Neither does it rot nor stink;
But while men’s fancies expand and shrink,
Truth’s eye will never wink.
The wise take courage to stop and think
How change changes by the brink
Of eternity, another world to link
That’ll bring to the just living waters to drink.
Icons, Idols, Images now fall and crumble
Before God’s own Son and our True Life.