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Prayer Scented Incense

Do you realize?

After birthing heart-felt prayers,
have you seen them rise as sweet perfume?
For their glorious scent fills God’s nostrils
as His Presence consumes Heaven’s throne room.

Do you know?

Our Father covets this sacred incense,
that burns in the cries of His Children.
He is forever mindful of us
and our continuing battle for overcoming sin.

Do you want answers?

Christ Himself hears our pleas directly –
No phone operators are standing by.
He desires daily conversations with us
until the day when… we join Him on high.

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Spoken Word

Being unable to participate
during the worship service
is a poor spiritual sign.

Unwillingness to offer praise,
while standing in His Presence,
shows a deficient of new wine.

For the obvious silence
reveals an apparent lack of Faith
and failure to know God’s design.

A desire of heavenly passion
cannot resonate from within,
when not letting your love for Him to shine.

For the true strength of one’s belief
is confirmed only by the spoken Word –
Provided it’s not diluted with some earthly whine.

The tongue, always will unwittingly confess,
the secrets of our hearts, to see if…
One is actually striving for the Lord divine.

Author Notes:

The phrase “a deficient of new wine” is not a reference to the alcoholic product. It is regarding the “spiritual wine”, which is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

When we are intentionally sinning, the presence of God leaves us, hence the deficient state.

It should also be noted, that there are moments during the “worship service” where we should not be silent. When participating in the “song service”, the singing of praises to Him should be vocalized – hence, the “spoken word”.

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Original Sins

Those multitudes of sin are
variations on a theme –
A reflection of the heart’s wickedness
and all the evil that Satan deems.

He himself, suffering from hatefulness and hurt,
does exploit physicality’s weakness in Man.
For Satan’s attacks continue from his being –
Eternally condemned and forever damned.

In a false semblance of our God,
the count of unique sins is three
in a twisted parallel of…
The sacred number of Trinity.

Opposing the Christ in wilderness’ testing
he perceived the Lord’s flesh failing,
but not the Spirit’s strength in handling
a confrontation with the Kingdom without ending.

These concepts -the Earthly Pride of Life
coupled with the Lust of the Flesh and of the Eyes-
maintain our separation from God
as the Devil manipulates, through deceiving lies.

The boldness of the Savior’s Truth
and the Christ’s everlasting victory
(as demonstrated by Him at Calvary)
provide True Life, when you just believe.

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Grace and Love

Unmerited favor of God
flows continually
and without interruption,
when you are a child of His.
His Love for us is…
Unquestionably unconditional;
however, His Grace is not.
Grace and Love are not equivalent –
We must not endeavor
to confuse these concepts.
God’s Word is always steadfast
and is an unmovable truth.

Author Notes:

The standard definition of grace is “unmerited favor”.

Although God loves us, we must employ His Principles for living to have His unbounded favor flow over our lives. His love for us is unconditional while grace is not. He proved His Love by letting Christ die for our sins – His grace proves that He honors His Word.

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Work In Progress

This body is imperfect and flawed,
originating from earthly dust;
it houses a spirit searching to find
the one, true God in which to trust.

To see myself as Yahweh does,
requires mustard seed of Faith’s leap
and to take tangible action
since people know that “talk is cheap”.

Separated unto holiness
to accomplish His Purpose and Plan
while sharing the Salvation Message
is the whole duty of man.

Expanding my personal growth
by a divine, refining process,
inspires a desire for betterment
and to expedite this “Work in Progress”.

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Nakedness of Life

Out from the darkness,
having a lifestyle that’s plain to see,
I’m standing fully in the Light
of God’s transparency.

I have no hidden agendas,
nor malicious motives;
my heavenly light is set upon a hill,
shining as a diminutive votive.

I’m a human jar of clay,
desiring true spiritual brokenness;
for God’s vessels draw men to Him,
via the sparkling of His Holiness.

For the nakedness of Life
is my personal choice;
as an ambassador of Christ,
I’m hoping that through me…
Others may hear His gentle voice.

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Exit Strategy

You’ve lived a life of uncounted days
and your spirit is ready to leave;
but are you ready for the hereafter,
if in God, you don’t believe?

For when your spirit and soul separate,
opportunity is gone, as the body decays.
Since our mortal time is not guaranteed,
begin a relationship with Him today.

Regarding your earthly departure,
do you have an Exit Strategy?
Will you be ready to find yourself –
Before Jehovah on bended knee?

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Come Forth!

In the quiet town of Bethany
lived two sisters and one brother;
they were Mary, Martha and Lazarus –
people deeply loved by Christ, as none other.

Unexpectedly, Lazarus fell terminally sick;
begging that He not tarry and be late,
multiple messages were urgently sent
forgetting that we upon the Lord must wait.

To justify feelings of utmost despair
the sisters individually met the Christ
with their piercing hollow stares
resulting from sincere, unanswered prayers.

Lazarus, covered in linen with burial spice,
was four days dead in the family tomb
until personally called out by name
and exiting from his cryptal womb.

Being the Way, the Truth and the Life
Christ demonstrated God’s power on Earth;
not from Death did Christ’s tears flow, but regarding…
People’s attitudes surrounding Man’s rebirth.

Author Notes:
From my book “Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory” ISBN: 1-4196-5051-3
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Daily Bread

Beyond the lost days of manna,
all nutrition I’ll ever need
was given to me at birth
with the implantation of spiritual seed.

An enabling inner spark,
combined with soul’s hungering emptiness,
allowed me to find divine connection
and a path towards Your Holiness.

Thank You Lord for Your Daily Bread
that feeds my spirit and sustains my soul;
for feasting on Your Word everyday
is the best way to be kept whole.

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Chronic Indecision

Going my own selfish way,
based on the ignorance
of my false understanding,
leads directly to my downfall.

For chronic indecision
counteracts God’s divine help,
as I traverse the narrow path –
Walking boldly and tall.

My Salvation is not achieved
by what I do or go through –
For I’m mindful of His Guidance
to accomplish a role that is small.

I desire to live a life of Faith
that is visible for any to see;
as I’m strolling in this spiritual journey,
I look to join others on this global ball.

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