Child Poems

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Kidz Poem !

Pip Pip Pip Pip !!
Ring the bell ..
Go on the slide ,,
or play hide & seek ..

Boom Boom Boom Boom !!
Tap your feet ..
Fly high in air ,,
or land in sea ..

Bang Bang Bang Bang !!
Click your hands ..
Fold them now or ,,
Lets all clap ten ..

Round Round Round Round !!
Spin your head ..
Nod like rat ,,
or do right & left ..

Run Run Run Run !!
Catch the train ..
Do ring around rose ,,
or get another game ..

From Where Shall I Greatness Buy?

Mom tells me to finish my homework quickly,
When I ask why?, she tells me
“You should become great as great as your dad”.
When I ask, where is my dad Mom?
She tells me, “He is now god’s guest.”
Again when I ask Mom,
“Can I not become great by being the god’s guest”?
She slaps me gently and tells me,
“Now just shut up and get your homework done”.
Little later when I ask she says,
“Your Dad fought like a tiger,
risking his life, he never bothered.
His gun has brought him greatness
and the honour of being the god’s guest.
Again when I ask,
“Do people become great when they fight”?
If so, I will beat in the school,
My friend Philip, with my might.”
Now, Mom calls me stupid and gives me a push.
Crying I go to sleep in her lap,
Now she says, “Tomorrow I will
give you pocket money for ice-cream”.
Wiping my eyes when I ask,
Mom! ”Can I by saving pocket money,
try greatness buy”?
Tell Mom, “From where shall I greatness buy”?
She tells, “Oh god help me”
and begins to cry.


If someday god came to me and asked me what I would like to be
Then I will say ‘children’ if you can and I would like to be
If he asked ‘why’ only ‘children’ you dear want to be,
Then I’ll say just ‘because child is tension free so would like to be,
I can play with anyone the heavy rain and paper boat o! See
Hug from daddy and a kiss from dear mummy,
Play in the soil, where one day I’ll really be so children I want to be,
As I’ll be a child there would be no worry and cries around me,
I’ll not abuse anybody to do wrong thing with me.
I’ll demand just toys, company of little’s and mummy daddy for me,
I’ll come to your house with them so I want be a children.
A pure heart I’ll be keeping this is the reason ‘children’ I want to be.
(c.k as oliver)

Thank You My Child

My child do you know
What make me the happiest?
Happy means to me
Is more than pride myself
That I’m the best mother
Or lay my life for you
It means “I love you” first all
Watching you grow up well and strong
When you share with me
Your joy and sorrow
When you let me hold your hand
The jokes that make us laugh
It means a lot to me
And that I honor you
You are the anchor of my soul
Inspiring me to fulfill life goals
Life’s queer with twists and turns
But your sweet smile and supportive love
Always make my day
You’ve seen me laugh
You’ve seen me cry
Many claim to love and care
But everything falls on deaf ear
You were there when no one was
You show’d me love when no one care
You nursed me when I was ill
You gave me strength when
My world is hurt
You gave me life long inspiration
To stride ahead with pride
You nurture me with passion
Displaying virtues of compassion
You love me at my worst
When you whisper in my ear
“Mummy,I will always hold your hand”
Where would I be with you?
But more than words can say
I am your number one fan and
I’m more than proud
To claim you my children.

Life Is A Gift

Back to the days when i felt
As though there was a hole inside me
That needed to be filled
I’d feel alone
I constantly wanted to be some better
Version of myself and always felt
There was something wrong with me
There’s so much pressure
On people to succeed and
To listen to what they have to say
I spend far too much
Time and energy
Keeping my head down and
Never made a fuss
All the time wanted others had
Simply because i didn’t
They all had it so much easier and
Then i realised my future was up to me
To shout about the fact
That i’m getting to grow old
More than anything
It’s the understanding
That life is a gift
Everyday of it instead to constract
Some dream of happiness
I was so afraid to fall
I was so afraid of rejection
All the time looking for love
Not anymore
my kids Knocked that out of me
As they hold me by the hand
The simple love they made me feel
Making each day joyful and meaningful
Even one small way.

Am I so Blessed

How can there be an end
when each day just begins
all these year’s
i’ve been alive
have faded from my view
life as i knew it then
ended in three firsts
i never thought would be
first i looked upon your smile
and heard your gentle voice
then i felt how you touch
quickened every part of me
and life as i knew it
would never be again
now each day
GOD has given me to live
the first thing i always do
is smile just to look at you
how am i so blessed
to have you in my life
take in all you say and do
then lay with you at night
watch you fall asleep
i always wondered if
i live long enough
to learn a little grace
maybe discover what
it means to live
now each day i see it
right there in your face
it said am i so blessed
i often smiled upon
thus it is i am
each and everyday.

Small Wonders

cute lil babies ~ chubby,meek
angelic face,oh! so swt
twinklin eyes,itty bitty toes
full of energy,heart so pure
crazy toks,incredible queries
mesemerizin innocence,unconditionl lov
a bliss in lyf,small wonders of da world

Mother’s love

To be a mother is a magical
and dream fulfilled
the physical and mental
battle to reach a certain stage
being a mother
is the best gift in the planet
it fills you with a deep sense
of unconditional love
you accept the child for he/she is
and you respect him/her
as an individual
a mothers love is ageless
unconditional and infinite
i salute humanity far more
after that i become a mother
life has been more beautiful
i value it more
and if theres anything i believe in
it’s love
one of the simple thing
i live with my love for my child
love is infinite
it’s beyond physical and human life
so even if i’m dead and gone
i leave my love behind
that’s “free!”