Brother Poems

He Is The Best

Every time I think of of him
To share my pain,
Every time he thinks of me
To share his smile.
He is my great brother,
I call him my second mother,
But he only says, “mother is mother,
And I love to be your brother forever.”
He comes to me when I mess up with things,
Helps me to make it further clear.
Suppose whole world may leave side,
Leaving things vague and dim,
He stays near as my true friend.
He is a friend given by nature,
Nearest person to my forever.
I can never get a companion
Equal to my elder brother.
I can’t catch his goodness in words,
Like no one can fill the water
Of a great ocean in a single pot!
This poem is nothing
In front of his love filled heart.
He always spreads a sunny smile,
Which can destruct all peril and evil.
Hell is heaven with such a caring brother,
Heaven becomes hell without him.
I pray God to keep my brother
With me till the end of my life.
I wish to die before
The day he leaves this world.
So that i can never miss
My true care taker….
My Godly brother…
My motherly brother….
He is the best… the best forever..


Right from the day when I was born
Always making up a fight with someone
Not to mention if that someone was his own size or not
Not even if it’s his sister like me!
Even though he is always like that,
Like to tease & beat me before but now he changed a lot.

My brother married the woman she truly love
And now is the father of my beautiful niece I do love.
You can never really tell when people may change
Over years, over time or each day that passes by.
Right now, he is a respectful man
Eager to fight for the ones he love & for his country
Soldier, he is now, just like our father used to be…


Those we love don’t go away,
They walk beside us every day,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear.

my brother john x