Break Up Poems - Page 5

Please Leave Me

remember last night?
you left me in the dark
i didnt know why.
you were gone just in a spark.

what have i done?
why you left me alone?
i called you many times
but you didnt answer your phone.

a while ago, i found someone
whom i fell in love with
i put him in my heart
that no one could steal or touch.

now you are here
asking for apology
but i want you to leave me
cuz im happy and free.

Hole in my heart

There this hole in my heart
that’s been here for so long
im never going to feel complete
im not that strong.

The pain is only causing
despression i feel like i dont
deserve to be alive, i should
be in heaven.

The shiny piece of metal that i use to be artist with my skin is my only way to happiness it takes away the pain even though its a sin.

i’ve been sitting here for so long drowing in my tears i can hardly breath its so empty here.

because of you leaving me to die you broke my heart.

its shattered inside no medicine cannot fix this crime the crime you had committed you’re the one who did it.
i cant believe it.

you were different then the others but now their different from you. your just another player who has broken my heart in two.

Place The Blame

I’m hurt and broken
distracted and torn
I’m longing for you
love to be re-born.

you look at me strange
know what I’ve started
and i realise
this means we’ve parted.

yes, its all my fault
no one else to blame
i understand that,
i deserve the pain.

and you deserve more
nothing left to do
get you a new girl
hope that it pulls through.

Breaking Up

you told me you loved me i thought it was true,
but now im sitting here crying all because of you.
you said i was the perfect girl so i gave you my heart
and all you do to it was tear it apart
all this time for nothing how could this be.
we were meant for each other but i guess that you could not see.

Breaking up

how do you breathe
when true love ends?
when who you loved
walked out the door?

please tell me why.
I will try to understand
help to spare me, and just
browse your heart with love.

you caught me off guard;
It was like a dream
that I never woke up from
am i really loosing you?

please break my fall
and dont let go so soon
things that we’re blind to
seem to always slip away.

will you ever come back to me
or is this how it ends?
my infatuation wont let go
why cant you just love me back?


forget my name
forget my face
forget my kiss and warm embrace
forget the love we once shared
forget the fact that i once cared.
forget the times we spend together remember now that things are gone forever forget i cried the whole night long forget me when they play our song forget how close we once were remember how you used me for her forget you memorized my walk forget the way i used to talk forget those times when i was mad remember when i was happy not sad forget the times we were alone forget when i made your dreams come true remember now their is someone new forget my gentle teasing way forget you saw me everyday forget the things you planning to do remember how you loved me forget the thills when i walked by forget the times you made me cry forget the way i said your name remember things are not the same forget the way i held your hand. forget the sweet things if you can forget the way i loved you too remember their is someone new forget the times that went to fast forget all there is in the past forget i said i’ll leave you never remember now i’m gone forever.

I Just Want Someone

why does my heart
always tend to break?

I dont know how much
more I can take.

you caused me pain
and never cared
from then on, to love
i was scared.

I just want someone
to love me without
the price of pain
I just want someone
to make my life change.

You Made Me Cry

you made me cry
you tore me apart
you left me in tears
you’ve shattered my heart.

it wasn’t your fault
i guess it was me
for love cant be forced
perhaps we weren’t meant to

it still doesnt help
now that i know
because for some reason
my heart wont let go.

i’ve tried more than once to
get over you.

but you make it so hard with
cute things you do.

i thought love was joy but i’ve got nothing to gain just sorrows tears and little more pain.

the day the pain started reality came too it was the day i realized i’ll never be with you.

It’s Over

It’s over i dont need the pain anymore i’ve shut the door in your face and that’s the end of your case.

I’ve opened the door to so much more for the first time in my life everything’s going right there’s no more late nights i dont sit up and stare at the city lights no more i’ve been torn no more i feel as if i’m being born once more.


you sure fooled me with all your playing i think its time for you to hear what im saying it was definitely love at first sight but now you’re the reason im up all night you had me crying for three days straight and it caused the love i had for you to turn into hate. what you did to was really low the i almost considered letting you go but i came crawling back to you which it was a mistake even though i knew the way you felt about me was fake i expected us to go back how we used to be but there is no chance that you want a future with me.come on be for real i think i deserve to know how you feel.