Break Up Poems - Page 3


Feeling cold in d dark, 4gt d joy of light
My life but I cant rule, against whom I’ll fight.

Decisions are taken by them, who am I to care
I think death is better 4 me, rather being a brdn here.

Only bad decisions r taken by me, what a silly life of mine
I always do everything wrong, how in d world can I b fine

No matter what I do, I never forget to smile,
Faking smile is my hobby, tired of crying once in a while.

My feelings r dead now, they killed me from inside
Alone n sad m fine, with no one by my side…

Away Gone…

You were having heart so soft, I was of stone.
When I wanted to say something, you were gone.
Gave others false smile in reality heart’s crying on.
To stop you from going away I never dared.
Things which hurt you, I never ever sought or cared.
I want to be so close to you, but you, going so far away.
You’re surrounded with bodies, am really alone.
My heart Want to be with you, but are far away gone.
May you’re gone; I’ll die, to see you in arms of another one.
Have felt love in heart yours, may you too be alone.
Have seen the silent tears, May you’ve not cried or so on.
You’re moving eyes from lies, before I speak, you were gone.
Words I want say, how could else have put you on.
Without giving me any chance to improve, you were gone.
Want make right, you proved to be a stone, ‘n away gone.
Desire to have you, with you, it’s also away gone.

(c.k as oliver)

Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice.

My heart beat fast,
You made it last.
My stomach turned to hear your voice,
And killed to see your face.
Mabey it was me and my indecive heart,
Hoping I could make the choice.
You played me good,
And I believed it so
That other girl knows me to,
And lucky she doesn’t know the truth.
You told me your feelings,
And I told you mine.
You used them against me in every way
So now I hurt and want to say,
Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.
Don’t think about this heart of mine.
I took it wrong, you took it right.
Don’t look at me, please don’t wave,
It only makes my heart break.

How do I love a LIAR?…

Long time ago I trusted you
But you betrayed me..
You lie, may it simple or not
Still doesn’t change the fact
That is still a LIE..

How could you be so insensitive?
How could you lie to me so perfectly..
You told me, you would like to kiss and make up..
And ask for a second chance to let you in my life once more…

I did gave you what you ask for..
After all that’s been said and done,
After all this time, I still gave you a chance
After all you’ve done, I let you to be my man…

But how could you still lie to me???
Why do you keep on hurting me?
I didn’t ask you to be perfect…
All I want from you is the truth…
Why is it so hard for you to do that?

How can you expect me to trust you now?
If all you ever do was lie…
How would I ever know you’re feelings for me are true?
If in simple little things you do, you can’t tell what’s the truth???
I don’t want to judge you and I believe you can change…

But I guess that’s just a dream… a dream that can never come true…
If all you ever do… is lie… lie… lie…
I hate to tell you this.. But you’re such a LIAR.. LIAR.. LIAR…
I thought you already knew, that Liar’s go to HELL..
You should know by now that there’s a reason why we’re not together now…

Loving is not owning… that’s why I let you go…
I let you go with your lies…Hoping time comes you realize..
None is left for you because of your lies..
I pity you.. But I pity myself more because I loved a man who is

Giving Up

Letting go is the hardest thing to do
But i must do it’s for you
Thought it hurt i should leave
I love you that’s why I must forgive

When I’m gone to take care
And remember I’ll always be there
In my mind no one can replace you
In my heart I love you so true

If she hurts you just go back
All the things happened forget that
Well im not assuming something in return
A simple smile can make me overwhelm

For now letting you go
Bear in mind that i love you so
Wishing both of you the best
May you live your lives to the fullest..


Nobody’s perfect.
That is so true.
No man is an island.
That I agree, too.

We’re only human
So we make mistakes
But we’re also human
To choose what life we take.

I made a mistake once
And it’s a “major major” one.
I don’t want to make the same mistake again
So, I choose not to love you, again.

For to error is human,
To love is divine.
But to piss me off is a mistake
That you shouldn’t take!

What Were Thinking?

I played every dude to the left because i thought you were right for me,
and stupidly, i couldn’t see what right in front of me.
Lying like the professional you are and trying to switch everything wrong on me,
Boy i dont who you’re really trying to make me out to be.
I knew every little lie you were about to say before you said it,
Because the look on your face sweetie i already read it.
I have to admit, in the beginning i couldn’t see so i let you get the best of me,
So glad i wasn’t dumb and let you get the rest of me.
I’m a strong woman with goals in my life,
Sixteen years breathing and cutting boys on sight.
I’m all about me now you’re just a player in the game,
but the I-N-V-E-N-T-O-R is my middle name.
So play with my heart if you dare,
and when you grow to love me,im gonna do you bad without a care!

Wait for Me

I really feel very bad,
for the feeling for you i had.

I hate you cause you make
me fall in love with you,
but when you leave i break
the faith i have in you.

Remember you sad you will
never leave me till I die,
but suddenly you left and
never said me good-bye.

Why you have to leave
why you have to die,
you know its impossible
without you to survive.

I love you more than I hate,
And all I can say is please wait….

Im Over It

I’m over the games you played on me seriously
i cant take it no more get your shit
and get out of the dayum door
dont come over saying baby i love you
cause you wasnt calling me baby when you was on the phone
you think your gonna play me for a fool
well baby the only fool i see is you.
you seriously think im not gonna move on??
well sorry playa i already did.

How I Feel

Even when im smiling inside im broken…
Do u no ive made u everything in my life?!
Tears streaming down my face
In this world i seem to have no place,
My existence u could simply erase!!
Why do i matter? I do to them, to me, to u, but the way i feel; is like this pain kills!
I cant escape it! Am i just throwing another addicts fit?
Cz i cant have my way?
Why? Ur resistance makes me cry…
I want u to stay i want u each n everyday,
but u seem to pull away, why?? Why?
U deny my love, ive only wanted u.
Ur the only love ive ever known and with time its overgrown.
Dont make me live without. Ur who im about! Stop turning me from you.
U know u want me to. If i were to give up, on me, on u, on love, then i wouldnt be the person i was meant to be!
I need u like u need me!
U complete and keep me happy!!
If what u want is me to walk away i play to win i dont give in…