Break Up Poems - Page 2

It’s The Tried And True

Frankly.I don’t see
any point in embarrassing you
by making a big fuss
like you always do
over one or two
even a few foolishness
I figure you have
enough common sense
not to repeat yourself
like a broken record
I’d decided to watch you patiently
to see if you are practical enough
to profit by your past errors
to test you and give you a chance
to prove your worth
my willingness to give you
a fear break and never judge you hastily
I won’t expect miracle overnight
nor I will mind if your a little slow
I keep loyal and willing to waste
plenty of huge supply of patience
but you’d pushed me too hard
It’s the tried and true
so enough is enough
it’s what you made me and
nothing can change my mind now
realising you’re not a friend
that worth for keep
and so this is the end of it
I won’t glance behind me
and there won’t be sheepish
returns to try again.

I Thought You Were My Friend

When we first met
you immediately took charged
and barked orders
my first thought was
“Yikes!so power hungry
I was content to just
go along with the flow
I revealed myself to you
not just extraordinaire.
a self confessed
and a crazy fashion fashion-nerd
but also an odd loving and caring friend
while you on the other hand
a moody and seem to have
always a difficult patch in life
the many time you’d ranted
accused me for being cold.
unsupportive and uncaring
I knew you hated it
whenever I just look at you calmly
and that I’d never asked you
If you’re alright.but you see.
I doesn’t mean I didn’t care
but I thought you were my friend
and I didn’t want
to intrude your privacy
like you always do
I knew you needed help
I understand your weak with insecurities
I’d never make it obvious
but I wanted you to be strong
but frankly I’d never thought
you’d do such things
the back stabbing and all that
and so that’s the end of it
It never really bothered me
that we no longer speak and
I just go about my life and my thing
the friendship that we once shared
It was yours to break and so
that’s the end of it
it’s what you always wanted it to be
the all about you rather than us
from beginning to the end.

The Mistakes Is Yours…

It was you who break it
the mistakes is yours
I did what I had to do
at what I’ve given you
whole heartedly and
the little you’ve done
The mistakes is yours
you’re lack of logic and appreciation
and not knowing
when you’ve crossed the line
yet you blame me
you always have
we speak nothing more
The mistakes is yours
and now you utterly alone-Don’t you?
feeling the absence of your own making
The mistakes is yours
I know enough to feel sorry for you
though I manage to forget that
because you hurt me worst
than you’ll ever know
The mistakes is yours
and what do you think now?


In my imperfect ways
I’d never look for perfection
and I’d tried to let you see
that people are more accepting
than you give them credit for
Blinded by your own good deeds
it’s amazing what would
come out from your mouth
You’re a mix of hypocricy.ego
and cruelty selfish
you’re a blamer-who blame other people
for your own failure and unhappiness
and cannot consider
what’s true and real
an act utterly
insulting and name calling
because it easier to stick with pride
and swallow reality that way
a sharp tongue doesn’t
make you a good being
you’re a big bully and
Whether you realise it or not
You have hurt my feelings
I thought you were my friend
I’d learned to love who you are
But I also learn
that I am now happier
without you who expect me
to play a lot roles
and make me feel terrible all the time
at the end of the day
I found out that I still have
my true friends who stood by me
despite your allegations
they remained loyal and protective
and I love them dearly…

Enough is Enough!

It’s amazing what would come out
From your mouth
An act utterly insulting
Offensive and name calling
Many problems happen
Because of communication
When we stop listening
Or assume the worst of another
Because it’s easier
Stick with pride
And swallow reality that way
I have enough
And this is to give a taste
Of a medicine
You were a friend
Who has always something
Mean to say about everything
Always wants to put others down
To make yourself look good
A sharp tongue doesn’t make you
A good being
And you have hurt the feeling
Of many of us
Who regard you as friend
I thought you are not as bad
As what others say
But much-much worst
I have enough
I have my fair share
Of hearing but not listening
But perhaps age
Has made me smarter and
Wisen me up a little
I know longer the girl
Who wants to fight and defend herself
Just for the sake of it
I have enough
At the end of the day
There are no winners
Just unhappy and bitter folks…

I’m Sorry

Today is very, very cold.
I sit alone under the sky,
Remember everything you told
And I don`t know I want to cry…
I want to cry because of you,
Because I want to be not yours,
Because some special words I knew
And they will get me new curios.
Because I stay with own mind,
Because it is so bright and shy.
I need not help, I`m really tired…
I want to rest, I want to try…
I always ask my own soul:
Why have I lost my happy mood?
Why couldn’t I somebody call?
And still in darkness lonely stood?
All days and nights will pass away,
All problems die when I go sleep…
I want to say “Please, don`t go, stay!”
But just on keyboard fingers flip…
I thank you much that you by me
And ask you – please, forgive my heart.
I close my eyes… It used to be
You are my friend not soul part…

From Numb To Plumb

I am waiting for a killer to come.
I can’t feel my own pain, even am not numb.
I can’t feel beauty of any charming.
I am just stable, looking for me to get hung.
I only see sans reason tears falling.
I find only people becoming alive succumb.
I know these are nothing effecting.
I want somebody to come & make me plumb.

Lost …

Defeatd, heart brokn ,,
I’m tird, lost it all ..
No one to share ,, no one cares ,,
cn’t tolerate more ,,
Ds lonelyness ,, it bn so long ..

Da killng silnce
Da useless effrts
Neva endng tears
helpless hopeless talks

Sands of tym running lik a big sea’s waves ,,
Diminishng d hppy imprints far far away ..
Days & Nights pass ,, darkeness stays ,,
Painful blues ,, hurt all along da way ..

Smilng outside ,, inside I’m cryng ,,
Mis da gud old tyms ,, oh! I’m dyng ..
Lyf’s bullyng ,, ech step slaps hard ,,
cravng for sm wrmth ,, its bn so cold & harsh ..

I Love U With All My Heart And Soul…

No words can express my FEELINGS….
That how much I MISS U everyday….
Day by day the loneliness grows….
How I MISS U…..nobody knows….
No one knows my SORROW…
No one sees my WEEP…
Bcz everyday,I’ve to pretend
I’ve to a fake smile…
I’ve to a fake laugh…
I’ve to pretend everything is OKAY…..when ITS NOT…..

U told me,thar U loved me….
So why did u LEFT ME…..
I told u, I’ll never Leave U…
I kept my promise,but u didn’t…
Everyday, I sit and wonder
Why I MISS U…why I LOVE U…
But I found no reason,the LOVE I’VE FOR U….

Now I just can’t keep quite anymore….
So I’ll tell U everything,that

Will Miss YOU ..

Hopes shattered, crashed dreamz.
Words unsed, haunting memorys.

Those b’ful tyms, ur velvet voice.
Some ignited moments, hw i miss.

Unfulfilled expectations, burning desires.
Pain unbearable, love incomplete.

A gap foreva, no one cn fil.
Da soft cornr,vil alwz be.

Cherishd momnts, nevr replcd.
Ur touch, i cravd.

U wre da trophy i wishd.
Bad luck repaid my evil deeds.

Heartless u, crazie me.
Senseless cribbing, unfortunate indeed.

No mattr wat u did to me,
De bst chapter it hpens to be.
Sands of tym may cum nd go,
U’l b remembered by stupid me.