Break Up Poems

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If I had a chance to speak with you
If we had one more day
I’d tell you all the things I didn’t
All the things I failed to say

Though your kids are cute, and smart
I’d wish they gave you more respect
And if someone would be step-father
I’d hope that’d be something he’d expect

I loved to make you happy
Though I didn’t pay enough attention
Between mine and yours and what I want
“We” were at the least an “Honorable Mention”

I should have stood my ground.
I knew exactly what I was doing
The way we ended up, I messed up
But you were left blamed for the screwing

And when you got upset
When you had nothing to say
I admit I lost……. some of what I felt
But I tried still everyday.

things got hard, things did change
And I thought that “we” just hit a “blues”
So I held tight, because I sought the light
“Choose the one you love, love the one you choose”

But when you called to ask if we were over
To know if I was still there
We were on the same page, That never changed,
And being outnumbered gave you a scare

I think there was some fear
For you knew not what I am
I’m broken, lost, torn, and afraid
Weak, and outwardly a scam

For we began with an idea
Religious, an eternal progression
But when it came time, I showed that i’m
A man, Natural, and in transgression

I don’t know how it would have been different
I loved you and I still do
Like the same we are
We really are, And I really liked you too.

For Kayleen

You had my heart and you threw it away
now I pray for death today
emptiness is filling me
I guess this is my destiny
trust is lost in life itself you kicked me to the bottom shelf
my heart was yours and it was true
all I wanted was just you.
Now I am not the same
I only got my self to blame
I should have known from the start
To grab my shit
And to depart.
Lessons learnt
Getting burnt
Feeling hurt
Feelings lurk
You was my best friend
I Would have loved you till the end
Time it’s taken to try to mend
Now i know that Love is bent.

The unspoken words

For the past four years,
I still had this feeling on you,
I know you would never try to understand.
I know you moved to another place.
What makes me still thinking is;
Why’d you left without any reasons?
That one made me confused.
I still want to know the truth..
I still love you,
I’ve been missing you for so long.
I’ve waited you until now.
I’ve tried to move on from the moment I noticed that you left without telling me any reasons.
You just left & made me keep hanging on my love towards you.

Deepest feelings

yeah wooh yeah no,
U never made u cry,
Nd my heart melted so dry,,
I just put every smile,
Where my heart daily lives….

How can i live let me say,
U just ditched me,,,
How can i die let me say,
Felt u like the hell,,,

Oh yeah no no no
What u did there…
No no no naah yeah…

A Fire That Burnt So Bright

A fire that burnt so bright,
Never thought a end in sight
Now just a spark of hope
Sad with no way to cope
Giving it all my oxygen
In efforts to relive again
The spark turns into blaze
Clouding my head with haze
An enraged unstoppable flame
Leaving just a desolate plain
To the last breath of air
Burning all left to care
Realizing this unbearable chain
Causing unimaginable pain
Blaming no one else but she
When all along it was me
This fire, it burns too bright
Wishing for an end in sight

Painful Love

I am sorry if you think that I am selfish.
I hope you can see what is in my heart.
I wish you could read my thoughts and my heart.
But you can’t! You never have.
I guess I keep calling you because I wan’t to know you’ve moved on.
I also want some closure.
Trust me even though we both know that is over, the other part of me thinks its not.
The time we spent together was one of the defining moments on my life.
It changed me in way I can never fully grasp yet. .
I love you. Everyday I’d think of you, I’d say a prayer and this is the truth.

The pain of loving you.

In The Beginning, In The End

See, at first I thought you were the one,
The only one for me,
I thought that you would be my last,
Because you set me free.
At first I thought that you were mine,
The one for the rest of my time alive,
I thought that our love and friendship,
Always would survive.
At first I believed with my whole heart,
That we would never be apart,
I believed we’d never be able to drift away,
But then again, that was the start.
Towards the end I started seeing the truth,
I saw that these things were lies,
Hidden carefully beneath our lust,
And behind awkward sighs.
In the end the silences grew longer,
The sparks began to fade,
We saw we weren’t meant for each other,
And wondered why we stayed.
As the end was coming closer and closer,
We knew we’d become attached,
You see, we’d taken our two hearts,
And together we’d made them latched.
In the end we had to break them,
In order to take them away,
For with one heart not in it wholly,
The other could never stay.

So I Can Say!

It’s not my fault
That you have no good intention
Or no respect for others.
Whatever wronged you did.
So. I can say.
I don’t take weight of how bad
You’ve reacted upon my conscience
It was unfortunate and embarrassing
But that’s yours to keep
So.I can say
What matters is that
I didn’t do you any harm
nor a bad intention
I most certainly don’t let you
Affect my feelings
I’m a bigger person in this situation
And your harbouring unkind thoughts
It’s not my fault
That you labelled me something I’m not
So. I can say
Things like this happen in life
But I don’t dwell in what you did
I’d dust myself off
Keep my head up and surround myself
With good people
So.I can say
And I have my true friends
Who cares and stood by me
And it’s not my fault
That now you’re all alone
With no one to claim your friend…

Now The Red Flag Is Up

I will look you straight in the eyes
and come straight to the point
with no shilly-shallying
I’m no longer interested
in talking to you
so is what you’re saying
don’t be offended many years
without complain and
now.the red flag is up
I just honestly believe
that I can do better without you feel a little piece
of your life is missing out
don’t you?if only you’d learnt
to open your eyes and heart
if only you learnt to forgive
and believe in yourself
but it’s too late for that now
because the red flag is up…

I Hate You

I hate you
is that sound cruel?
saying it is really nothing
compare to how
you’d been cruel to me
I hate you
you are the one
who should be sorry
for all the pain and heartache
it was all because of pride
with poor civic behaviour
your no good for keep
what are you complaining about
givin so many chances
I realized that
if we will be friends again
it will only reopened
the wound.tearing at it.
burning it with all
the viciousness of heartaches
and it’s too late for everything now
it’s what you wanted it to be
for no good reason
you made your choice
for all I care
as you wish
I hate you…