Anger Poems - Page 2

Grow Up

You think you’re smart.
You think you’re cute.
You think you had it all.
You think you’re good.

You’re a married man
But do you think and act like one?
You party everyday,
And you think its ok?

You send your child to school
And you think your duty is done.
You had a lot of time for your friends.
But with your child, you barely have some.

You think you’re a good father,
Because you think you’re a good provider.
Have you really thought about that?
Apparently, not because you haven’t really have the balls to

Too much for the talking…

You talk too much
And it’s all non-sense.
You talk too much
It gives me a headache.

You are too proud
Your pride is too big.
You think you’re perfect
But the truth’s your pathetic.

You soar to high
Can’t put your feet on the ground
Oh, what a sigh
You’ll fall under ground.

Watch out for the debris
Scattered with your dreams
Oh what a pity
For you will be empty.

If you don’t have any good things to say,
Just shut the hell up!
Less talk, less mistakes..
Too much for the talking..tsk!tsk!tsk!


As i sit here
with maps of the world
friends sharing photos
and small talk
speaking and laughing as one
not caring at all
as i look at their reflection
see within their little world
walking through their own path
i tried to understand
yet everything seemed to fall in place
maybe i haven’t always
get it right
believing it dont make sense
photographs of private parts
that made them all so proud
though they knew it all along
that in spite of warning
of traditions where suppose to be
respect and valued
yet it’s always fall behind
there’s so much we can fight for
be it right,be it wrong
be we weak,be we strong
suppose the key
is how we carry on
yes,my friend
as i sit here
with maps of the world
life decided to let me know
the amazing sense of calm
as i shake my head of disbelief
a fool as who they are
i’m more than glad to know
i am not one of them.


So busy for school, for work, for the family
Because your mom was sick
Because your dad always ask you to do a lot of things
Because of the traffic, the weather, the car won’t start
Lots of excuses I’ve heard of!

Why do you have to do this to me?
Why you make me believe you care for only me?
Why do I thought all this time your love was true?
Only to realize I was living in your world full of lies…

Why my love, why? Why you did this to me?
Is it because the time has not been such a friend?
Is it because I left you for a month due to work?
Or is it because for someone who takes my place when I was gone?

Yes, I know! Enough for excuses!
Just tell it to my face that you don’t need me anymore
Oh such a pitiful face! All those time I thought I loved a man
A man who’s strong to face the challenges in life
A man enough to fight for his love.

Well now, take my advice as a friend
Don’t do such excuses no more
For to love is not to tell excuses and lies
But to tell the truth above it all
Because true love’s not worth for an excuse at all!