Anger Poems

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They Cry in Dark

That moment I was alive,
When I was cut into pieces,
Story of my worthless life,
Got mentioned in various theses.
About my cries they didn’t care,
Crowd was cared, at me no stare.
They stood for ‘n now cry in dark,
Tears fall on and make a spark.
Carefully observe their every action,
All memories lay under protection.
Mine were they, now couldn’t be,
Letting them suffer gone is me.
C.K as oliver

You Stupid Bastard!

You stupid bastard
This has been going on
See how lost I am
Can you see how tears
Unrestainedly flowed and rained down
You stupid bastard
See how I’m feeling anguish
Can you hear while I screamed
Not caring who heard me
You stupid bastard
You and your bloody misbehavior
You’re clumsy in everything
In action or speech
Your irritating habit
And all your doing
That attract attention
People begin to talk
You stupid bastard
It felt a dig in my ribs
The bored look on my face
Make no doubts as to
My disinterest in whatever you say
Why would I have to suffer
To your karma oh heck
You stupid bastard.

I Hate You

I hate you
is that sound cruel?
saying it is really nothing
compare to how
you’d been cruel to me
I hate you
you are the one
who should be sorry
for all the pain and heartache
it was all because of pride
with poor civic behaviour
your no good for keep
what are you complaining about
givin so many chances
I realized that
if we will be friends again
it will only reopened
the wound.tearing at it.
burning it with all
the viciousness of heartaches
and it’s too late for everything now
it’s what you wanted it to be
for no good reason
you made your choice
for all I care
as you wish
I hate you…

Never Push Never Force

I quietly mind my own business
I will not embarrass you by rudeness
or smart-alecky attitude
However.if you challenged my temper
which I can’t stand
I can turn belligerent
Never force.never push
because when you do
it will make me turn silent
yelling and harsh voices
raised in command
will just make me shut
my eyes and ears
I can resist what you want
until doomsday but
I can’t resist affection for a minute
my mind absorb slowly
but don’t pull my patient too hard
fill my ears with music
and my eyes with beauty
and I’ll fill your heart with peace
nothing complicated
just plain and honest…..


You’re unbelievable
tell me.just how many more promises
you want to make
only to conveniently forget it later
I have come to hate you’re nothing but a beast
and manipulative
an emotional abuser to the core
there’s nothing quiet like
to take huge risks and to lied for you
depression describe all that
tears and worries that made me weak.
helpless and alone.and though
I would never recover
without an outlet or anything
or anyone to relate to
You’re a beast
who conveniently made me suffer
It’s a huge misery and a hit
of incredible batch of bad luck
while you don’t walk your talk
It’s a lonely journey for me
being in the dark
wondering when I will be free
If only I can control that beast
to enable him to get out
and for once be a better man
but the more I tried
the more I dropped
now.I’ve finally realised
It wasn’t me it was you all this while
who choose what you want to be
and I have come to hate you
because you’re nothing but a beast.

Take Another Look

Perhaps you should
Take another look
Before you remarked
And give such words
That sound stupid or trite
I think your rude
Out of control and become
Slave of self-conscious
Perhaps you should
Take another look
Before you act like a loser
And try to do something
Adventurous rather than
Crying foul and bastardizing
Other people For an eternity
Perhaps you should
Take another look
For i’m not perfect
By any means but as
Much as i enjoy the
Simple thing i do and
It’s not and never will be
Stressful for me
No matter what you say.

Of My Heart

Of my heart is in my heart,
Want have something to have a start,
Desire neither love nor any apart.
Want just to hear ‘n do of my heart.
Leave things which stop ‘start’.
Once I’ll close my eyes apart,
Opening want see hearing beats of my heart.
You running for me a long track,
Want see you crying’ loneliness of my heart.
Bounce or nothing I want back,
New track making is desire of my heart.
Tear, cut leave or make a crack,
For my dreams come true I’ll do all of my heart.
(c.k as oliver)

The Art of Lying

Corrupted words are the mask that we hide behind.
The truth will someday be revealed but for now we keep it inside to die.
Each day the story changes and the details fade away.
Making the truth harder to say each and every day;
Believe no one and keep your trust
For the Art of Lying is in all of us.

Challenge And Be Challenged

As i put my cards on the table
I am prepared to rise above the conflict
So much of your time spent wasted
The foolish words and silly hints
Much of what have been said
That practically say’s it all
It is truly a testament
That give me glimpse to how
You’d been mimicking my words
That really makes me smile
And there i was
Nodding away on my tiny window
I wondered for a while
If you had seen half of the world
Perhaps your blinded by insecurities
Or not at all but simply an ignorance
That’s why you are the way you are
So much of your time spent wasted
The foolish words and silly hints
But if that’s what truly make you proud
If you feel that makes a huge difference
If that’s your ability to do great good
As i sympathies to some extend
I hope you don’t get emotionally drain
When the foolish words and silly hints
Start coming back to you…..


Nobody’s perfect.
That is so true.
No man is an island.
That I agree, too.

We’re only human
So we make mistakes
But we’re also human
To choose what life we take.

I made a mistake once
And it’s a “major major” one.
I don’t want to make the same mistake again
So, I choose not to love you, again.

For to error is human,
To love is divine.
But to piss me off is a mistake
That you shouldn’t take!