Patriotic Poem

Many people don’t remember
That awful eleventh of September
When not knowing what was going on
Would mean war when those towers were gone

Then came the cry of “Why?”
When they saw people falling from the sky
A beautiful day turned to gray
Loved ones and strangers knew they had to pray

Everyone then started screaming
While others wished they were dreaming
Lives were turned upside down
As the debris fell all around

Rescue workers worked day and night
As our soldiers got prepared to fight
They all knew what they had to do
As many lost their lives for the Red, White and Blue

Americans wanted to know who to blame
Many came up with the same name
Whether or not you believe
Bush says we ain’t coming home till the jobs achieved

Flags were flown at half staff
As the parents hope they don’t bring back the draft
Everyone then became Patriotic
Now you look around and think “How ironic?”

There were many heroes at that time
Coming together after this unthinkable crime
Firemen, Policemen, Military and many others
Working side-by-side like sisters and brothers

Have You Forgotten, Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning, and Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue
Were a few songs that rang true
Now lets stand tall for the Liberty Bell
And those Dixie Chicks can rot in Hell

With not much else left to say
God Bless the USA

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dharshini says:

very beatiful to read

dharshini says:

i realy love it

dharshini says:

thanks brother for your poem

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