The Green Meadow

A smooth breeze around me,
and the trees by my side,
as being close to the nature,
I walk on the green meadow.

Ahh, what a lovely sight,
with the dogs are playing,
and the birds chirruping,
on a lovely green meadow.

Yes indeed its a place,
a place to have some rest,
to share your joy and sorrow,
it is the green meadow.

As I sat under a tree,
with sunshine over my face,
taking few moments to relax,
on this green meadow.

I saw the children playing,
running and jumping on their way,
bringing back those childhood memories,
having fun on this green meadow.

With it I started wondering,
what would have been a life,
a life of cities and big towns,
a place without a green meadow.

where will those children play,
get the exprience of the breeze,
a chance to be close to nature,
with a green meadow.

cutting trees, making houses,
and malls and the industries,
where will they get a chance,
to see a green meadow.

I only pray to the god,
that human will think,
and for the sake of humanity,
save this precious…the green meadow.
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