I found you there one early morn,
Your petals all dipped with dew,
Fresh captured beauty newly born,
All fragrant pure and new.

I stood there atop the hill,
To look into your face,
And for a moment time stood still,
Arrest from life’s embattled race.

To tarry for a moment’s rest,
To search in deep concern,
In passing days I must confess,
There is much for me to learn.

I thought of how God cares for you,
And how He cares for me,
Of how He gave you life anew,
Each spring when natures free.

You grow among the rocks and thorns,
That’s scattered round about,
And close beside a path is worn,
By travelers, there’s no doubt.

Some fail to see you blooming there,
While passing close beside,
They cannot see the life so fair,
In Him they do not confide.

My troubles now seem far away,
Since I have stood a while,
The sun is out to start the day;
I’ll lift my head and smile.

And know within, let come what may,
I’m ready for each and every hour,
He showed me how to start each day,
Yes simply through a flower.

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