Lazy Day!!

It’s a lazy day, cause its hazy may,
Wake up at ten, saw a busy men,
It’s hush and bush all around,
But nothing interesting that I found.

I wanted something nice, something new,
But I ended up saying eeew,
Brought newspaper, was getting bored,
I still grumped yawned and roared.

I liked the breakfast a lot,
But that very moment was too short,
I switched on T.V., watched cartoon in the beginning,
And had no clue, when it was evening.

I took shower and some tea,
But still my mind buzzed like a bea,
I wanted fresh air and wanted my friends,
But it all ends as my mind bends.

It was 9:30 in clock was my dinner time,
Having a go on food isn’t a crime,
I had brisk walk though I didn’t wanted,
But it was my brother that got me haunted.

I was feeling sleepy, I was on my bed,
And it didn’t took any time to be like dead,
Am I lazy or its the summer day?
You decide till I lay……..

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