Cabitnungan River

Has lost it’s life
Where the horses.the cows and
The water buffalo’s?
Where are the big rocks?
Where’s the little kids
Playing by the river side?
Catching little fishes and little crabs
Where’s the hanging bridge?
Where are the ladies washing clothes?
Where’s the boatmen and tuggers
That brave the sun.
The wind and the rain?
These anglers have come with hooks.
Sitting by the paradisiacal little shore
Fishing and reading books
Listening to the water whisper
Listen the fish tugging at the lines
Distracting lovers with two minds
Where is the smudgy swirl of the river
That used to swallow
fish and crabs alive?
The swimmers and shy picnickers
Carous in the sun
As life’s quarter spun it’s wheel
While the town has changed
The river has become sad
But with uneasy balanced
The folks are still the same
And all that they seem to be
And all that they seem to me
Are all that they seem to be
In all that they seem to do
Sigh.standing here at the middle
Of a large bridge
I feel my skin like a hide
My tongue as dry as dust
Gone are the beautiful nature
As the sad water flows on
To the Atlantic?Pacific Ocean?
Straight of Cagayan valley? just flows on.discharging
The wastes.the sorrows and sadness
Of human abjectness…

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