Ambitious Heart

Though too young
I used to sit alone
Wondering.complaining with why’s
Wishing the wind will blow me out
To a place I long to be
Blinded by the spirit
Of ambitious heart
I find no reason to laugh.
No reason to talk
Or like anyone
I used to sit alone
Wondering.complaining with why’s
Like a song constantly
Rings in my head
Endless singing.dreams singing
Destiny speaking to leave this place
And find where the sun is set
I’d even dreamt I would never
To return again
But my curious and ambitious heart
Camping out under the starry sky
Was actually a damp
and eerie experiences
Inconvenience and loneliness
But mostly loneliness
That made me think of home
I have been here sitting alone
At my usual desk
Staring at my pen and blank paper
Though it was the main reason
Of my ambitious heart
It’s like a magic
That reminds me of home
And suddenly I felt
An enormous sense of lost
I’m going home.I said
But now that I’m home again
I sit alone still
Wondering.complaining with why’s
But this time
It’s a different songs that rings
A full of regret
That while I was busy
Chasing dreams the beautiful
Serenely of home
It’s not the same like it use to be…

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