Thank you Mother for who I am

Thank you for all
The things I’m not
Forgive me for all the storm
I may have cause
And i’d been wrong
That hurts like
A thousand knives stabbing you
Forgive me that I wanted
To walk my path myself
Forgive me that I didn’t
See you as a great being
Forgive your daughter
For not making it right
Thank you for everything
That you have done
I know you’ve given
The best you can
I cam never be the perfect
And doting daughter
But mother I hope
You’re happy with my life
At peace with
The choice I made
Although it’s not all bed of roses
Or that I’m only concentrating
With my life but I’ve got
To stay true to myself and
I will never give up because
I made my bed
So,I just have to lie on it…

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