Super Women

When I was a baby to a child
You never fail to cook
Before leaving to work
You brought me up like gold
You took good care of me
When I was a teenager
I thought your scolding is bad for me
I become unappreciative
Pride myself I don’t need you any more
And I demanded my freedom
Forcing you to believe
That I can manage without
Your guidance all the way
Today after many years later
Thinking of how much troubles
I must have been caused you
I want to apologise to you
For my wrongdoings.nonsense.
saying and thoughts
The tantrums and hard times
I throw your way
The many times
I made you worried sick and cry
You tolerated them all
Even what I’m saying now is meaningless
Compare with your sincerity
of raising me
You’re a superwomen and
You show’d to me
That there’s a light
At the end of the tunnel
Even at the darkness moments
And…that remain eternally
I love you Mum and I hope you know!

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