Memories I Treasure

The day I came into this world,
I was crowned with your gentle love and tender touch…
my first hug..
My first step..
my first crawl..
my first spoonfed..
my first smile..
my first word..
my first drive..
every imaginable thing i’ve perceived is because of you mommy..
Its you, who taught me.. what to do.. when to do.. how to do; what, how and where I am today is because of your essence, mommy..
You choose me my dreams.. my ambition.. my career.. my life..
In you I found my best friend and closest confidante..
Its just impossible to imagine my existence without your presence..
Mommy.. I love you so much, it hurts..

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4 Responses on “Memories I Treasure”

Saurabh says:

Its a beautiful poem…

Olofin wasiu says:

Like it. Keep on flying high

Saikumar says:

Just awesome

Sweekriti Smith says:

m glad u all liked it 🙂

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