In Term Of Business Women

Has noteworthy ring to it
When your a business women
You’re dynamic strong and independent
The difinition of a women
My mother was a business women
She worked around the clock
And was on her feet from dawn to dusk
These days we prefer
To be called enterpreneurs
A term my mother wouldn’t have bothered
With back in the days
As long as her business
Put food on the table
And a roof on top our head
In term of “SWOT” analysis
Diversified frofolio
And brand positioning
from university is what
Most people believe
That will make you a business women
Looking back what she did
I think what has gotten her
To her particular mantra
Was her secret weapon
Strength to strength
With passion,good intention and
Enthusiasms with her
Necessary work ethic
What interesting to note
Indeed she did a great job
As an example for her children
Not to afraid of hardwork
To be passionate and be creative
To have the initiative that
People respond well
She made it to the point
If we are motivated to achieve something
There is simply isn’t room
For laziness having the desire
To do something and actually
Having the energy and decipline
To do is two two different matters
Today i am a business women
Or rather an enterpreneurs
To adapt and work hard
The way my mother used to be
In term of business women.

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