I Love You Mom Have Always Will

Mom i wish im there with you
and your here with me
a desire of togetherness
it’s not the worst thing
or scary
that we live from a distance
but i could not lie from the truth
even if i tried
when i feel all storm
and i feel down
it pushed me to miss you even more
but somehow it gives me
anxiety something to hold and be strong
our distance has taught me
that nine time out of ten
original instinct has been right
to love myself
and the great truth of life
will be hitting me over the head
but i will always be
strong and responsible
to lay assurance
when comes the day
when our eyes and smiles meets again
it can be the simpler thing
i can give you
when you feel an amazing sense of calm
at peace and proud
how you’ve given me love and sacrificed
how i’ve change along the way
thank you Mom for believing
in all my dreams
i miss you
i love you always have always will.

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3 Responses on “I Love You Mom Have Always Will”

Jenny says:

You have writen 8 so beautiful & exactly how many people feel!

bianca says:

how sweet of you.

Maswanganye Nelly says:

This poem its good,I love it.

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