Greatest Mother

A very beautiful woman inside and out
In her loving arms that caress me
Day and night she watched over me
And makes sure I grow pretty as I can ever be

Delicious food she makes to feed me everyday
Endless sleep she has when I’m sick for a day
Loneliness in her eyes every time I’m not okay

Cares so much for me and love me as me
Affectionate enough as a mother to me
She sings me a melody in her heart
That filled with so much love
In the most wary and fearful nights.
Lots of trials I have gone through,
Lots of support she offers me through and through.
Oh Lord I thank you for a mother who help me through!

My life is full of blessing whenever she’s around me
And she made me as wonderful as she
Yes, I thank you Lord for giving me
Oh such a great friend and a mother to me
Rest assured that I will take care of thee
Endlessly is my love to her as the rainbow, she knew
Special is what she is, for she’s the greatest mother forever true…

Submitted by Juneah Landicho.

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2 Responses on “Greatest Mother”

Juneah says:

Ofcourse this one is for you mom (Aida del Castillo Mayores) Love you!… mwah

raja says:

excellent from others

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