Day and Night

Will the star ever gift me that precious day?
When she’ll stop for me, on her way to say;

Words that I wanted and waited for;
With a smile on her lips, pure to the core.

My hands she would touch, with the warmth of her heart;
Her eyes would whisper the words, from end to start.

The moments will pass, those moments of bliss;
The moments to remember, forever to miss.

But the day never came, our ways never crossed;
Her eyes never whispered, only I got lost;

The star but gifted a night, what if its not a day;
And promised it would be special , all in a different way.

The night would be bright, and night would be long,
She would step in my dreams, and would sing me a song;

Her eyes would then speak, her hands would then touch
My tears will be wiped, there would be peace so much.

Mine she’ll be forever, for that dream night whole,
There, we’ll create a world, with our love and soul.

But the night would then end and the dreams would fade,
She would step off my world, only with some promises made.

She would come in my dreams, when I am lonely whole day,
To sparkle up my life and to show me a new way.

When the days now come and go, and fleeting time keeps its pace,
I keep waiting for the nights, for her and her love, the divine bless.

Category: Missing You Poems

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