Borrowed Freedom

Posts lights grazing
it’s white marble
beautifully twinkling like
a stars from a clear sky
spreading silvery shines upon us
sitting next to each other
championed by borrowed freedom
it wouldn’t be hard to make believe
that we’ve come this far
a pride and joy
flashed through our eyes
smiling widely
sitting next to each other
to what borrowed freedom
that had given us
as our eyes met
making us to remember
although seems made no sense
but I heard you said a dream
and the question is not
how we could
but why could we no?
in borrowed freedom
in a moment like this
sitting next to each other
there are so many things
I want to do with you
so many place
I want to go with you
and to have faith in
this borrowed freedom
it may never come again but
it just good thing to remember
the borrowed freedom
that we once had…

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