Am I A Fool

Whenever I walk alone, I start following shadow of my own,
People watch me doing so, without caring for them I go on ‘n on,
I enjoy doing so, but why do people see me, am I so special, or am a fool
I find a little madness in me; you too have felt it may be never cared.
I am fine and but that time scared, come to home but mind still there.
Try hard to make mind understand, baby! It’s a trend and going on.
People stare at the people walking alone, broken heart thinking on.
Am I so special, or just a fool, yes I know I am not the one whom people see.
I want to be something so that should; people should stand only to see me.
This time is walking alone, nothing with me, but courage that woos me.
Still same is going in mind, ‘am I a fool’; will not remain always same.
(c.k as oliver)

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