Again Alone

Tip – tip drops are falling again,
Am feeling the part I spent alone.
Tick -tock clock is running again.
Will time come back which’s gone?
Slow – slow snow is falling again,
Am recalling season that’s gone.
Fast – fast are days going again?
All is same but am, standing alone.
Road – road am roaming again,
With hope in heart, to see you again.
Back – back is, the time coming again.
Will dream come true or happen again.
Dark – dark is surrounding again.
Am standing from where you were gone.
Come – come, come back again.
My heart desires to have you back again.
(c.k as oliver)

6 Responses on “Again Alone”

kranty says:

marbles, superb , amazing there are no words to express my feelings. wil u send me those which were written by u

mani says:

superb…..i lyk it

C.K as oliver williams says:

thanks guys am soooo happy to see you all loving my words ”my poetry”

sadia says:

come come come back again
my heart desires you to have you back again.
the most beautiful verse in the entire poem.keep writing such poem

manju as maaza says:

You just remembered my sweet moments which i spent with my close freind Rohini… Am thankful to you man… Its a nice poem… God bless you…

Seexy says:

so sweet love it

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