Hometown Memories

Standing again to the land of my hometown
for a moment i felt
i’d travelled back in time
though i began to notice
for the better of the surrounding
i close my eyes as if to magical blink
it back to what it had once been
remembering the past of my growing up years
i’d once spent there
always aroused a mixture of emotions
there are no reason to make them
any more dramatic than they always were
my hometown memories
it belong to me
i’d come to view them as a sort of musium exhibit
i wish i could tell you
that it was better than i imagine it would be
but in all honesty
i cant
it’s always been the truth
that keep coming back on my mind
the unforgetable memories
the unpleasant of it
how i wished for the love and understanding
like a thousand knives stabbing me
though it’s no longer bleeding
but the pain is always there
i had no desire to change what on others mind
from the experience that always be my inspiration
i never could imagine that
after all those year’s
those who usually walk away
and never find my interest charming
suddenly infront of me
un invited yet smiling giving praise
to what i become
but why is it that i have a strange feeling
that people start to look at me in a way
i could never imagine
its the other way around back then
should i listen to the pain and not to show courtesy and consideration
should i follow the attitude i never wanted to be
as a stable person in keeping with kind
that i was
i begun to smile back
infrequently at first then a litle more often
time quickly slip away
two weeks and i wished i could stay longer
but i have to start packing
so i have to say good bye again
to the people
and to the land where i was born
for my journey is not yet over
then again when the plane was in the air
i felt a lightness in my heart
so amazed with the happiness
i had never felt before
now im leaving with a smile on my face bringing with me along the second chapter of my past
that i will treasure it with care.

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4 Responses on “Hometown Memories”

Bebe says:

“sight….” Your talking about u but i feel like it”s me

Terry Mcdee says:

i remind my self what was before has made me who i am today.

sunny says:

it’s very touching….

riju says:

Love your all poems.Beautifully written.God bless.Shared many of them. 😛

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