Echoing Smiles

Broken promises with lost secrets
My forgotten dreams tied to open wounds
Memories of those who are gone
And those who have drifted
Love and happiness with them I shared
The laughter that echoed with our voices
My pain was still numb
But I left them
And something shifted
I realized they were a part of me
I just couldn’t let go
Pulling me down with the thin thread that holds us together
My remaining strength shatters
Will I recover
And if I see them will I smile
Or just run and cry
Sleepless nights of insomnia
Makes dreams of an altered reality
One that can never be in this world
One that can never be real
With my eyes still open I see nothing
I am bound by a blinding darkness
I cry and scream at the moon
Who silently watches over me
Trying to hide its smile
Beneath the stars

Category: Memory Poems

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