Au Revoir

I’ll remember my school days.
I’ll never forget that where it lays..

I’ll never forget that beating given 2 us.
Those days I’ll never forget till my conscious..

I’ll never forget that punishment,(under the bright sun).
When in days of summer we had 2 bent (down)..

I’ll never 4get my teachers.
Whom I should say were turly our well-wishers..

Those fights with our classmates & others.
Memorizing them, I feel like I have feathers..

I want 2 go back in past.
Because with me now only
the ruins of those sweet memories lasts..

I’ll never 4 get my 10th standard.
Where in need I was renderd..

My fight with a shool guy on the stairs.
In which I foght like a burning flare..

My fight with one of my best friend.
Which changed my life’s trend..

I was in section “C” that time.
Those memories now also shines.

With their best lusture.
I still remember those gestures..

Those gestures made by my friends all.
When we were sitting in the examination hall..

Then I was in 12th .
That “GIRL” was a source of “BLISS”2 me..
On getting a sight of her
my mind says “WAHWEE!!!”.

I was like a fan of her .
And without her every scene seemed “BLUR!”..

I wanted 2 know what she thought of me.
Because I loved her in my heart “REALLY”&”TRULY”..

In a few months we left our school life behind.
That was the end point by which
all the memories I had 2 bind..

That strife among all our friend.
Will become a medicine 4 my heart 2 get mend..

They are the dearest of all.
As they are my pal..

That enjoyment after breaking rules.
As everyone thought they were only 4 FOOLS..

That kind of happiness & feeling
on my face can never be seen.
I think one can understand what I mean..

Au Revoir to my school days.
This is the only sentence which my soul says..

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sakshi says:

really really touchy and true…luv it

Rajni says:

really really touchy and true…luv it

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