You’re my Angel

When I was down
Broken and Cold
Felt like this love was getting old

When I was hurt
Heartbreaking and pain
Never knew what I could gain

Soon to give up on love
When the sky open up like a dove
There I see a light
shining down on me
And there you stand waiting for me

When arms open wide you’ve held me close
There I start to cry
With feeling of faith and hope

You’ve meded my heart
How could this be?
When Heaven knew all along
we are meant to be

So my heart you have
Your heart I have
Together our heart just beat as one

You’re my life, my love
My soul, my heaven
Sent from God
You are my angel

Category: Love Poems

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msphoenixserious says:


clairvoyantdestiny (jhoyce) says:

“Verynice! :)”

bianca says:

very nice poem i like it

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